Sell your skills


Employers receive hundreds of resumes for a particular position, especially if it has been advertised and unless the position requires a PhD in rocket science. So you must make sure that your resume hooks an employer’s attention within a 5-second glance. For this, use job titles and skills headings that relate to and match the jobs you want. For example, if you are an accountant include your specialization in accounts in the heading.

Employers make snap judgment when glancing at your resume. If employers see unrelated job titles or skills, they will make an immediate assumption that you are not qualified for the job.

Writing your resume, keep in mind the level of job and salary you want and create an image that presents you at the appropriate level. Meaning if you have some experience behind you instead of saying seeking an entry level position, say seeking a position utilizing my experience.

Use numbers to describe your achievements and responsibilities, this can greatly expand and elevate your image. Using numbers and quantifying creates vivid images in our mind when we read them, whereas general statements like the before examples are easy to skip over or forget. Typically the more specific you can be in describing your duties the better.

Another strategy is to use power words or verbs that match the level of position you want. Analyze ads and job descriptions to identify key words.

Learning how to analyze the key words that employers provide in help wanted ads and job description is a key element in creating powerful resumes.

The design of a resume must highlight the most important information about work experience, skills, and education. At first glance this information forms the image that employers have of job seeker’s skills and abilities. The resume must be typed and printed with pleasant layout and must look neat and clean.

At mid or senior level the job seeker must also provide his contributions to the present and previous organizations by mentioning reliable information in quantum like savings in dollars or time in days or weeks or developing certain number of items or adding a few more customers or increasing sales in a time frame etc.

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