Building a happy work environment

As an employee you can contribute to building a happy work environment for yourself.

“I’m working with the Super Company Inc” – This sounds great, especially while flaunting among friends, relatives or social circle. And yes, you might be working with one of the top employers with a free food, gym facilities and an after work drop thrown in as perks – but are you really happy with your work environment?

The recession has caused a lot of hurt (thanks to the retrenchment, pay cuts and no promotions / increments) and fanned the resentment even among employees who are working with some of the top line firms in our country. Though most companies leave the onus of keeping the team motivated in the hands of the bosses, there is a lot more that you can do as an employee to create a happy work environment within your team. Here is how you tune in to a happy work culture.

Being happy lies in your hands and you need to try and remain that way no matter what the situation may be. Always walk in with a smile and that any conversation you have with people at work can be very positive if you start off with a smile. And this is true even if your conversation is conflicting in nature. If you choose to remain happy in any situation, it makes it easier to spread the smile. Choosing to be happy also involves avoiding negative conversation, gossip, and unhappy people. Irrespective of how positive you feel, negative people have a profound impact on your psyche – so never let them impact your day.

Always celebrate any happy moment whether personal or professional. In our team we always make it a point to go out for lunch whenever we meet our monthly targets quips, who works as a sales executive in an FMCG company. This time off, helps us catch up with each others’ idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes. Bonding within the team professionally and personally, with help you tune in to your team-mate’s strengths and weaknesses so that you pitch in to fill the gap.

But its not just happy moments alone it is important to get together even during bad times. Cribbing a bit can release your frustrations. Some employees always step out for tea and biscuits whenever things go wrong. They crib about where and how things went wrong and who was responsible for it. But once the discussion is over, the whole episode should be out of the system and they can work better. This helps a lot in saving your productive time as an employee – its worth while you work and crib!

While working we all have many responsibilities – some of which we may like and other that we dislike. But it is important to do at least one thing that you like everyday feels SM, who works in the admin department of an investment company. She likes writing addresses on envelopes and when she told her company that she want to take care of the mails that are being received and sent out, they were too glad that she took up the responsibility. It took her a while to learn to keep track, but it was all worth the learning.

Doing what you like makes you look forward to your job and it does not seem rigmarole anymore. And this can make you feel happy.

When you help colleague friends who are working with you, it helps you build a support system that you can always back on when in need. For instance, if you see your colleague is overwhelmed with a lot of work, always offer to help. Do expect him to respond immediately. When you help some three to four times, the people will automatically help you when you need help. In this way you can support each other to complete tasks on time.

A random act of ways works well in built bond. Compliment your colleagues for their work. It will boost the energy of your team. Remember its one good deed that follows another.