Handling crisis

Stay calm

When crisis hits, it has the capacity to bring out either the best, or the worst in you. So it might just make sense to prod it the right way! A calm head always works towards solutions. You need to remember of it as something indispensable. If you are naturally predisposed to palpitations, it might be doubly tough for you, but don’t give up yet.

Do your research

All you need is some basic research about your company rules. Does your organization have clearly defined rules about what can be defined as crisis? Does it have things to say about whom you must report to when there arrives a problem? Most companies will have a plan in place. You’ll just need to allow those.

Communicate well

A big point in concern is communicating with everyone. Look for cues that people around you let out. A well rounded view about the situation is needed and best achieved when you listen well. Listen to what people have to say. Thinking also involves a bit of background research as to why the situation has occurred. But it is equally important to not tow your life.

Take responsibility

Once the crisis has resolved, you’ll have to fall back into the hierarchy. So overdoing an attempt might just bring upon another crisis! One thing that remains unchanged is that being the ostrich an never work. The crisis has to be dealt with until it is fixed. If you’ve had a role to play in the problems, you need to play a bigger role in resolving the crisis and finding the best possible solution. Crises have never got better with people getting defensive and refusing to take up responsibility.

Enjoy the work

Take a break from work

Just imagine that you are pushing too hard to make something work. In such an attempt, you forget to enjoy the work and push yourself too hard to create more stress, which leads to burn outs. Hence taking periodic breaks between two jobs when you feel that it is getting too difficult for you to manage will always help. In this break, one can listen to music have a sip of your favorite green tea, speak to a friend and share your feelings etc. Try it every hour.

Speak up to your boss

Unfortunately in India the boss subordinate relationship is taken in a very negative manner. Your boss is your immediate friend and a mentor. Treat him like one. Be open to discuss the factors which you feel are leading to a burn out. He/she will not only empathize but also appreciate the fact that you preferred to open up with him to discuss the situation before it worsen. This in turn might make the organization more friendly and empathetic towards the employees of workers like you and eventually it might help in the long run for the management to make necessary changes in the polices.

Start your day with positive thoughts

Start the day promising yourself that you will make a difference in your professional, personal, family and spiritual life today.. Pray to the almighty that you believe in and express your gratitude towards all the good people close to you. Listen to good spiritual music before you leave for work and have a good breakfast. Science has shown that empty stomach may cause more stress than otherwise.

Avoid multi tasking

Though we all lead a very busy life and hence have to do multiple things at the some time, it will always help items categorized as per priorities. FIFO (First in First out) or LIFO (Last in first out) will be the right methods. If one can’t handle more tasks than the ability, please assess the same and then say yes to a particular work. Be assertive in saying a clear no. Effective task management can prevent a burn out.

Listen to your heart

The most important person in your own life is yourself. Treat yourself with due dignity and listen to what the heart says. Try to strike a balance between the physical activities such as exercises, brain exercises at office and also try to indulge in some kind of hobby that you have during the office break. I know a friend who goes out and sings in a corner and just listens to it. It elevates the mind and thus you can avoid a burn.

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