Brands in International markets

Hand in hand with global products and services are global brands. A global brand is defined as the worldwide use of a name, term, sign, symbol (visual and /or auditory), design or combination thereof intended to identify goods or services of one seller and to differentiate them from those of competitors. Much like the experience with global products, the question of whether or not to establish global brands has no single answer. However, the importance of a brand name, even in the non profit sector, is unquestionable. Indeed exhibit lists the estimated worth (equity) of the 20 top global brands. And, as indicated in protecting brand names is also a big business.

A successful brand is the most valuable resource a company has. The brand name encompasses the years of advertising; good will, quality evaluation, product experience and other beneficial attributes the market associates with the product. Brand image is at the very core of business identity and strategy. Customers everywhere respond to images myths, and metaphors that help them define their personal and national identities within context of world culture and product benefits. Global brands play an important role in that process. The value of Kodak, Sony, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Toyota and Marlboro is indisputable. One estimate of the value of Coca-cola the world’s most valuable brand, places it at over $ 67 billion and growing. In fact one authority speculates that brands are so valuable that companies will soon include a statement of value addendum to their balance sheets to include intangible such as the value of their brands.

GM launched its Chevrolet Spark model in India with the following up-gradation:

Central Cockpit Control system

The Spark has a ground breaking interior design with ergonomically advanced controls. In the driver’s direct area of view is a semi-circular display of control and warning lights. The speedometer and instruments –a combination of analogue and digital displays – are strikingly positioned at the center of the dashboard and easily visible to all passengers.

Next Gen Smart-Tec Engine

The advanced S—Tec engine maximizes power and torque at lower speeds, making the Spark ideal to commute in congested city traffic as well as on open highways.

The S-Tec engine is a smart technology engine optimized wit many technological innovations like Sequential MPFI, Dual Distributor Less Ignition System (DDLI) , Motorized Throttle Intake system (MTIS) and Advanced Optical Sensor . As a result the engine operation is smooth, noiseless, fuel efficient powerful reliable and maintenance.

X Pro safety system

The Spark also offers its passengers superb protection in the event of an accident. 51% (of the total weight) of its body shell is made of high strength steel. The front end design of the Spark is among the first of its class to comply with the new European regulations on pedestrian safety. For enhanced side protection the spark uses Tailor welded Blanks which are normally used only in upper segment vehicles.

Super Smooth Suspension

With its compact body dimensions and small turning radius of 4.6 meters, the new Spark is not only extremely agile but also fits in to parking space.

The newly developed torsion beam rear axle plays a major role in the new spark’s driving characteristics. It guarantees greater precision in wheel control and better handling. Ride comfort has been improved significantly through a combination of softer suspension mountings and an optimized front axle with McPherson struts. The front and rear shock absorbers are all gas filled to offer a refined and comfortable ride

Unmatched Fuel Efficiency

The S-Tec engine has the highest specific power output i.e. it squeezes out a healthy 63 ps of peak power from a 1.0L engine and still offers awesome mileage. A reduced kerb weight and aerodynamic styling improve its drag coefficient giving the Spark unmatched fuel efficiency.

Seamless Mono-volume design

With its stylish and compact body, every detail of the new Spark invites attention. Attractive, distinctively shaped front headlights and round tail lights define its unique character. A combination of short body over hangs a steeply rising shoulder lines at the front, make the Spark a real head turner. The front shows a friendly face, that smiles every time you prepare for a ride into the heart of any Indian city . To make it further attractive, Spark was made the lowest cost of service car.