Creative Minds

Some of the world’s best advertising and design has been the by product of curious and creative minds who are passionate about the business of communication. At the seminar conducted by education times, India highlighted this very fact while informing students interested in pursuing a career in the advertising or design field, about the importance of developing a creative bent of mind. Creativity is the expression we choose to give our thoughts. It is making something out of nothing

Citing that creativity, an idea is a concept you create depending on your thoughts. However, in the professional world it is important that you come up with an idea that is feasible. For instance it would be a great idea to create an automobile that runs on water. But you have to be able to make such an automobile. Hence, execution is a part of the idea. Often, it’s an idea by itself. Hence, a good advertising and communications company is an amalgamation of art and science. One that designs the soul of a brand by coming up with ideas that are indispensable to it.

Advertising and design is essentially the business of influencing people minds of persuading cynics and creating the desire to buy your product within a potential consumer

Every marketer or brand manager dreams of getting a piece of the consumer’s mindshare or buy in. In an environment as dynamic as today’s the challenge faced by marketers and communication experts are acute. With every passing day, the consumer’s attention span towards a particular brand is decreasing. Thus, the task to convey your message to the consumer is getting harder than ever before.

This is where the design comes in. Design intelligence is the weapon to woo consumers through a combination of logic and illogic. A designer is a visualizer, artist, psychologist, and marketer all rolled into the one and hence holds the power over a consumer’s mindshare.

It has been said that design reflects the social changes that takes place around us. It’s not exclusive of the society we live in

Indian designers have the added responsibility of being sensitive to the environment around us given the fast changing nature of the country and her economy. In their work, they often seek balance between what is global and what is intrinsically Indian and rightly so India has historically been synonymous with art. Yet, the evidence of aesthetics in Indian surroundings is waning with every passing day. Living amidst beauty is a habit that must form at an early age. Only when the matter of good taste is taken seriously can economic and social development in India happen beautifully. Yet when to comes to changing for the better, no other, time has been more opportune than the present.

Despite India’s newfound status as an emerging super power the country continues to be plagued with a number of social issues. A good design professional would have an opinion on subjects that change the society around him or her and work towards doing something bout it. Just like journalism or the administrative services, being a designer does come with the added burden of social responsibility.

Designers are thought leaders. They define and redefine the world that a brand inhabits. What does the brand look and feel like? What is the first picture that comes into our minds when we think of say HSBC or Surf Excel or Levis? Design influences the way we perceive brands often without us realizing it. Be it through packaging corporate identity, retail space or environment designing.

The future

The field of designing is undergoing an enormous change. With the advent of the web, graphic design has enhanced as a profession.

Usability and functionality are given more importance than just the form or appearance of the content. Designers who are drawn to he wed, emerge from multiple disciplines – multimedia print publishing broadcast media

The web demands the best talent from each of these disciplines. That’s where the challenge lies. Design skills when used effectively on the web, can easily be a more lucrative career than designing in the print or publishing or television media because it offers bigger opportunities and together challenges.

Design Education

In India as in the rest of the world, design is the profession of the future Skilled designers are hard to come by and hence always in demand. Sensitivity to aesthetics and design plays a vital role in contemporary India. It’s the key missing link between where India is today and where India should ideally be. Just as the country is experiencing of power both economic and intellectual so also design is on the verge of rediscovery.

As the potential of design in the Indian market gets gradually unlocked, it will be evident that there’s no need to what could be achieved.

Despite being reputed for producing the most mathematical scientific and technological minds. India has not quite been the front runner when it comes to great minds in the field of design and communication. Yet the country is brimming with material for creative inspiration. The time is right for career in design

Advertising design and communication are like oxygen for brands. The pursuit of excellence in these professions could reap rich rewards.