A good induction plan

Organizations today are trying hard to make their employees first day at work as special and memorable. And in an endeavor to achieve just that they have in place several unique and innovative induction programs. They are taking more than initiatives to welcome new joiners. The organizations are making the employees feel welcome in the organization.

How would an employee feel when one fine day he finds a beautiful bouquet at his door step with a personalized message from his new employer stating. Welcome in our family! Amazing isn’t it? And clearly isn’t it a good start to anew journey? This is one of the unique initiatives that India Inc has devised to welcome their entrant on board. Reeling under the pressure of attrition and no-shows firms are adopting various measures to provide personalized attention to their new recruits and ensure that they are comfortable in the organization from the first day itself.

A good induction plan offers a soft landing opportunity to an individual. Also, people find the transition from an existing employer to anew one hassle-free through such initiatives. Proper induction programs are essential especially IT, where the disappearing act as a trend is fast catching up wherein candidates accept offers from firms, but do not show up on the joining date.

There are several ways through which firms are trying to make an employee’s first day at work as comfortable as possible:

At Fundsupermart.com an email is sent out by HR introducing the new recruit to the rest of the workforce. We organize a Quarterly Pop & Wine program which is an informal gathering where in new joiners are given a platform to speak about themselves and break the ice. Being a multi-national company, we also organize trips to our Singapore and Malaysia locations for detailed functional induction sessions and to make them aware of the group culture.

At McAfee we send a nice bouquet to the family of the employee on the day of joining welcoming the person and his /her family to the McAfee family. The induction programs have four different stages pre-joining day one, 30 days milestone and 90 days milestone. T the pre-joining stage, through our message acquainting the new hires about the company, products etc even before they come in. On the day of joining they are welcomed at the reception with a board saying Welcome McAfee heroes! After joining the new hires are taken to an offside location, wherein we spend time with all of tem and do a whole day program, on McAfee’s core values with the help of an external facilitator. After 90 days of joining, we do an online survey wherein we ask them questions pertaining to their assimilation process: Are they happy with the job? Has the company delivered up to their expectations? If there are any concerns at this stage we deal with them immediately.

Ness organizes a safety campaign for all new entrants wherein they are provided with Ness branded helmets. The sole objective of doing so is to ensure that employees who ride on two wheelers to commute to work understand the significance of safety. Also a welcome kit is provided to all new joiners with T-shirts and Ness branded bags. The facilities of Ness e-spa – the round the clock employee assistance program is also offered to the new joiner right from the point of joining.

Such initiatives instill a sense of pride and loyalty towards the organization and also help the employee to take his /her role in the organization in a less restricted and more personal manner.

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