Professional Progress

Be it by way of in house training programs, external affiliations or simple self help tests most companies these days ensure continuous learning of their workforce.

Employees must add to their existing skill sets as many a time one is expected to perform cross functional duties which require more knowledge and competence. It would act as advantage to them in long run.

A learning organization is the term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. Realizing the need for this, many companies these days have provisions for facilitating the upgrade of skills and competencies of their employees. In the face of still competition most organizations deem such initiatives necessary for sustenance and employee retention.

Learning Point

The modern day workplace is a complex system that expects employees be up to date with their skill sets. Constant innovation and reinvention are necessary to stand out from among the rest. Besides, every company will prefer employees with enhanced competencies. As a result many organizations have formed Learning and Development centers. The objective of these centers is to ensure consistent improvement in the skills of the organization’s workforce. This may be by way of self help tests available on dedicated portals that the employee can take from the comfort of his /her home. Many such tests can be taken at ones’ convenience.

While this helps in assessing your level of knowledge, it also ends up adding to your CV. Some tests may have multiple attempts some may not. Earlier if an employee had to pursue an academic course or acquire any relevant certification, he/she would have to do it exclusively at one’s own cost. Nowadays many organizations have tie-ups with institutes that offer required certifications and courses thus enabling easy access to these avenues. There are instances wherein on successful completion of the course a part of the fees or the whole amount is reimbursed since it is considered an addition to the talent pool of a company. Software engineers opines There are many ways an employee can add value to one’s worth by consistent learning One should be in tune with such organizational initiatives. Regular training sessions lasting a week to ten days are also a prominent. Learning and Development feature which employees can take advantage of. Once any additional qualification is acquired by an employee, the company database is updated. This takes acre of mapping personnel to various tasks or allocation of roles and responsibilities.

Skills and competencies

It is in the benefit of employees to add to their existing skill sets as many a time one is expected to perform cross functional duties which require more knowledge and competence. Some companies make it mandatory for their personnel to take certain examinations. These assessments must be treated as seriously as any other competitive test. A fair amount of preparation does help. The skill and competency ambit now also includes long term academic courses, for example MBA, instead of resigning from service employees can avail of the Leave without pay benefit (if the company permits) i.e. keeping he service in abeyance for a stipulated period of time for academic pursuit and rejoining at a later date with an enhanced qualification. The terms and conditions of such a scheme may vary from company to company. Hobbies and interests too are encouraged so as to ensure all round development of the workforce. Many in house portals and magazines seek contributions from employees so as to tap in their creative side

While an organization does take steps to ensure that its employees learn continuously so as to be able to take up new challenges the onus is also on the latter to make the most of these. Finding more about learning and development initiatives participating in them and upgrading their skill sets are some of the things that employees can do. Such efforts not only widen one’s knowledge base but also give one an extra edge during appraisals. It also helps in assuming new roles and working in different departments of the same company, thus resulting in holistic grooming of an individual.

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