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People in India are taking to the worldwide web in a big way outpacing others across the globe including big brothers like the US, China, Japan and Germany in terms of the online population.

The total online population in the country, measured in terms of people over 15 years accessing the internet, rose 7.8% to 18.02 million in June, from 16.71 million three months ago, a latest survey by US-based technology research firm revealed..

The growth in the country’s online population outscores the rise of 2.7% in the world’s overall online audience size, which rose to 713 million in June, from 694 million in March this year. India has also become the ninth largest in terms of the total online population from its 10th position three months ago, while the US retained its top spot with 153 million of web users.

Interestingly, the figures exclude traffic from public computers such as cyber cafes and access from mobile phones or PDAs. The total number of people accessing the Internet could be much higher if those aged below 15 years and the public computer data and new age mediums such as mobiles and PDAs are also taken into consideration.

The number of internet users rose les than 1% in the US, Germany Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, while the UK, France and Australia have actually registered a decline from the March 2006 levels.

According to the comScore June World Metrix report published on Wednesday, China witnessed the second biggest jump of 5.22%. Russia witnessed 5.14% growth, while the online population of Japan, Korea, Canada and Brazil rose between 2-4%The US accounted for 21% of the all worldwide unique visitors, while India accounted for 2.5% of the total.

China maintained its second position with an online population of 78.31 million followed by Japan and Germany with 53.1 million and 31.97 million respectively. Despite a decline in growth UK maintains its fifth position with 29.83 million users.

Microsoft sites were ranked as top web property worldwide with nearly 500 million visitors out of the total 713 million web users in the world. Yahoo and Google sites were ranked at second and third positions with more than 450 million visitors each.

eBay and Time Warner sites clocked more than 200 million users while Wikipedia, Amazon, Adobe, Apple Computers, Monster, were also present in the top 15 online positions worldwide.

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