Freedom from irresponsibility

Remember the last time you hailed a cab to the railways station at a stone throw’s distance from your house. Recall the last time you left the fan on, with no one present in the room. Hark back to the time you had been to a place of historic importance –fort, monument a place of worship or simply to seashore or a riverside. Surely you must have observed the litter stream all around. Did you dispose any of it in the bin?

Do also try and come up with a particular reason that you had to commit any of the above acts. Was it the rush to reach your college / workplace that made you take the taxi? Was it the worry of your next assignments that made you thinks switching off the air conditioner as you left home, was too inconsequential? Did the blue vastness of the sea overawe you into inaction enough to not be able to pick the empty plastic bottle and dispose it off?

If you could just retrospect for some time on these questions as well as such similar other instances, you would realize that it is nothing but sheer irresponsibility that is to be blamed. An air of carelessness that cocoons one into turning a blind eye The tendency to be carefree and never really bother about the little discrepancies around you.

In a race to achieve what we can term as, custom defined success youngsters today are becoming more and more irresponsible towards the society. Money and a pseudo sense of status seem to have become their only goals. This attitude needs to change if we as a nation are to progress.

Action in attendance

This Diwali giving the crackers a ditch, it takes no rocket scientist to prove that the outcome of these several what ifs would result in the reduction of wastage of the already scarce natural resources.

And that is where the hitch lies. All of us already know what we can do and what we must. The issues lie in actually doing it, putting into action our intentions. The thought is in place, the know-how we have, it is only the action needs to sign its attendance.

On the 64th anniversary of our country’s independence we the youth must wish ourselves freedom from irresponsibility. Let’s break the shackles of indiscipline to mould ourselves into better people. Ass of tomorrow we are not only responsible for the state of affairs of the country but also of taking the steps to ensure a healthy growth. With the right amount of action infused into each one of us not intermittently but consistently we can bring about wonders.

Imagine a entire generation undertaking responsibility towards its duties – yes, we are actuating the India of my Dreams. We need to start today, fine tuning our habits lifestyles and our attitudes.

We condemn the government for its way and means of carrying out any work, however small or insignificant mammoth or Herculean it might be. We are forever critical of our babus for the abuse of power the misappropriation of funds and the lethargy with which an important file is passed. From the newly introduced Goods and services Tax to the Krishna Qureshi PiIlai controversy, we slam the Parliament for its lackadaisical approach to our worries. Of course to a certain extent, we are right in doing that. Yet to find an answer. As responsible citizens we can do little things that help the administration not by actually going out of the way, by not disturbing our schedule in any manner, but just by being a bit more responsible and just keeping our eyes open.

The willingness to get our own work don is less than the stipulate time is what makes corruption thrive. It is our responsibility that we don’t let our scruples get crushed. Wake up it is never too late to make amends.

Small actions, big consequences

When you feel an industry has been wrongly permitted to operate in your area, use the RTI. When you feel something put all your capacities to action. You may not go, all the way in fighting injustice but start can be made. The process brings ideas and inspires others to follow suit.

Whatever we think of doing for our nation tomorrow, must start today – however small unimportant it might seem to be. It is of paramount importance that we wake up from our slumber and stop being indifferent.

Our nation while having been freed from British rule in 1947 still reels under the captive hold of issues which mar its progress. It is these issues that we need true freedom from.

Today’s youth is focused hardworking and sincere. They question the wrong and try to rectify problems what is needed is just right guidance. If we support the youth they will surely take India to greater heights.

Its time we work at eradicating these problems that act like shackles and bar the flight of the golden bird. Its time we all stand up for the cause of a better India, a better place to live in for our future generations a better tomorrow which is free from the evils of corruption prejudice and lethargy. Let us shake of the drowsiness and work hard to achieve and realize our dream of an ideal India so that our kids wake up into a glorious tomorrow where there is bliss and joy all around. Let us work towards fulfilling the dream of one of our greatest leaders.

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