Avoiding stressful studying

An average teenager today wants to excel in school, perform well in sports and choose the right higher education stream. These youth are inadvertently exposing themselves to academic pressure of a kind that not only stunts their growth but will also have an adverse impact on the nation’s collective future.

A rigid education system and its excessive commercialization, cut throat competition leading to the usage of various ill means and the pressure to make academic choices at a very young age, are some of causes being cited for this stress. However the visionary leader’s philosophy of a holistic education is imbibed by a few today.

Today, education is no longer about holistic growth. Rather, it comprises of exams, results, coaching classes and unhealthy competition. All of us must work together to do away with this weed, so that children can thrive in a vibrant environment free of stress and fear.

Unnerving Competition

Present day academic pedagogy focuses more on theory than on practical learning. Not surprising then, kids tend to role learn which makes education less enjoyable and more stressful. Results and grades have assumed greater importance than the process of learning itself. Scoring a higher rank is appreciated more than grasping a subject. Success has taken precedence over excellence.

A student by his or her own will wants to impress parents and elders by performing well. This undue pressure to perform leads to low self esteem and morale. It is not isolated case as more and more students endeavor to please others, often sacrificing their own likes and dislikes.

Tuition troubles

The mushrooming of commercial coaching classes is yet another flaw that students are being exposed to. In a bid to see their child at the forefront of the rat race, parents enroll them for additional coaching that, more often than not does nothing but over burden the child. Contrary to increasing a child’s efficiency attending a spate of tuition and coaching classes only reduces it and adversely impacts originality.

However, a poignant point to note here would be—are the causes for this unhealthy competition and stress only external? Or is the larger issue stemming from how, we students view life?

Broadening of horizon

It is true that India does not have an education system to match the superiority of the one in practice in western countries. However, it is evident that reforms are underway and the seed of change has been sown.

Efforts to redesign course content and methodology across schools and boards are underway. Indian universities are revising their curricula to include minors and honors enabling students to gain greater access to streams other that their core branch. Efforts are also being made to provide students the access to cheaper and better quality education. The foreign Universities Education Bill is an example of the same.

With such positive changes set to reform the education scenario in the country, external causes of academic stress will be dealt with to a great extent.

The power of thought

As is famously said the seed of freedom is laid in thought. In this fiercely competitive atmosphere despair is a natural sate of mind. Depression, suicide emotional upheavals are sought as solutions to ease the troubled mind.

However, it must be reiterated that positivety is indeed the key to happiness. While parents egg on children to actively participate in multifarious fields like academics, sports and extra curricular activities, the situation would not be as stressful if one made a genuine effort to enjoy these activities without being too concerned about winning.

Follow your heart

Students in India are often riddled with the dilemma of choosing a stream of study right after class 12. Often they end up choosing a branch that their parents want tem to pursue for a variety of reasons. A decision that many come to regret later One needs to think of what they are truly passionate about and then follow it, no matter what.

For those who know what they love, advice is – go for it despite all odds. For those who are not yet sure, introspect speak to people figure out what you enjoy doing, perhaps try your hand at it before you decide. Most importantly try not to give in to pressure by your parents or peers.

Hard work helps

The most important thing that the youth today need to accept is that after your own choices, it is only hard work that can ensure any degree of success. Talent needs to be supplemented by rigorous. The brain is like metal, it has to be strained to obtain good results. A child should undoubtedly be allowed to do what he loves, within the norms of discipline. Having said that there is no substitute for hard work, which is cobbled path that will culminate in success.

Live in present

Finally, the pressure to perform often stems from the fear of an uncertain future. This cripples our ability to put in our best. There is no better guarantees for a brighter tomorrow than a life well lived today. We must optimize the present moment rather than worrying about the distant future.

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