Get rid of prejudiced perceptions

It is seen years since we gained independence however, we refuse to liberate our minds from communal, religious and various societal discriminations.

College they say is a whole new world a place that accustoms you to the big bad world but also brings into your life fun and everlasting friends. However, what no one tells you are that peer pressure can get extremely difficult to handle and survival may be tough, if you do not in and conform to the notions.

Appearances matter

These ideas and prejudices often have roots in one’s upbringing and become a crucial part of one’s personality. As a result students frequently end up passing or behaving in an inconsiderate and callous manner towards their fellow class mates. Most of them form their opinions about someone based on appearances! A popular student has to be good looking interested in performing arts and someone who never attends lectures. Geeks on the other hand must have their noses buried in books wear thick glasses and have a disastrous fashion sense. Oily plaited hair, Salwar Kameez and glasses are enough to earn you the title of a behenji. Add to this one’s inability to speak fluent English and a person is sure to be treated awfully.

No wonder then students from vernacular medium school have a tough time in colleges that have students from affluent families. They rebuke their counterparts from non English speaking schools and treat them as dim witted.

Change is crucial

Though students from backward classes are, at times discriminated against by their peers, fact is these students are equally if not more talented than their affluent peers. Societal apprehensions and conditioning makes them lose out in the long run. They require support to open up and accomplish their dreams.

It is clear that the prejudiced approach of their peers can have pitiful effects on the student at the receiving end. Why then do students entertain such thoughts and beliefs? The ideas of most people originate from social conditioning especially through family community and peer group interaction. Unless we try to break such conditioning we cannot achieve an independent identity and our true personalities will be at stake.

Acceptance from seniors and companions is crucial for a collegian. But because of prejudices many students feel snubbed and denied. An overall change in attitude is a must for everyone to be able to feel a sense of belonging.

To some extent demographic changes and globalization are rendering moot the motives that drove equal employment legislation. Employers, in other words, now have little choice but to willingly push for more diversity. White males no longer dominate the labor force, and women and minorities represent the lion’s share of labor force growth over the foreseeable future. Furthermore, globalization increasingly requires employers to hire minority members with the cultural and language skills to deal with customers abroad. (Thus America’s Central Intelligence Agency is aggressively recruiting applicants with Middle Eastern language skills). As the Wall street Journal recently put it: companies do more and more business around the world, diversity isn’t simply a matter of doing what is fair or good public relations. It’s business imperative. So, employers are increasingly striving for racial, ethnic, and sexual workforce balance and harmony as a matter of self interest. In this context, diversity greatly refers to the variety or multiplicity of demographic features that characterize a company’s workforce, particularly in terms of race, sex, culture, national origin, handicap, age, and religion.

However, diversity is potentially a double edged sword. Managing diversity means maximizing diversity’s potential benefits (greater cultural awareness and broader language skills, for distance) while minimizing the potential barriers (such as prejudices and bias) that can undermine the company’s performance.

Parting shot

Most people assume that outward appearance defines the inner being. This notion cannot be further from the truth. Since these restrictions are set in place depending on our defined roles, we rarely dare to venture out and discover out true selves. This curtails our freedom to follow our dreams and achieve our goals.

Acceptance and tolerance of diversity are pre-requisites for the unrestrained growth of our country. We need to be more liberal and open to free ourselves of our own prejudiced opinions.

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