Creative Cues

Creativity is the process of creating something new and it is important both for an individual and an organization for their growth.

All the skills and behavioral factors are developed over a period of time by experiences and many times by deliberate learning initiatives. Problem solving and decision making are linked and each requires creativity in identifying and finding options. Innovative ideas develop in a positive environment. The difference lies in the extent to which an individual has already imbibed such creativity and what efforts are required to elevate it to the desired level.

Cultivating Creativity

Creativity needs to be enhanced otherwise it dies down. Creativity involves two processes – thinking and producing. Innovation is the production or implementation of an idea. If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative. Generative research shows that everyone has creative abilities. The more diverse is the training greater the potential for creative output. An average adult thinks of three to six alternatives for any given situation. The average child thinks of 60. Organizations can conduct creativity testing at workplace firstly to identify the creativity domains in their employees. They can invite experts from various fields to conduct workshops.

So here are few ways to unleash creativity in a workplace.

One need necessarily be outspoken or extroverted to be a success in public relations. However, a good public relations professional must possess the ability to understand the consumer to whom he or she is communicating a message to and the ability to communicate messages effectively to audiences.

There is no one generalized answer to this question. A number of independent firms in each of these areas are being set up each month; some of them succeed and some do not as in any business. Freelancers do well if they deliver credible solutions and are certainly sought after especially if their fees are lower than large agencies.

There are indeed no good courses in digital advertising on offer today. It is important to remember that digital advertising is to different from any other advertising, only the medium changes. The advertising bit remains the same – the task is to create ideas that sell products and services if one understands the scope of the medium and the new technologies that go will it, one needn’t go through a course to learn creativity again.

Organizational Motivation

Organizational innovation is a much bigger game than individual innovation. It is a game (as in method of games) and a process (facilitation process). The method is – an experienced facilitator through the use of tools of facilitation channels individual creativity. The facilitator encourages and provides tools to individuals to build on each others’ ideas and finally (in one or two days of intensive workshop) come up with commercially and technically implement able innovations.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a good method for unleashing creativity leading to innovation. While the first Appreciative inquiry workshop on unleashing creativity leading to innovation can be delivered by an experienced AI facilitator it should not be handled as standalone workshops to be conducted by trainers to spark some kind of ignition. Line managers should be trained to conduct.

Experienced facilitators

Identify experienced facilitators at top level of creativity and innovation movement to facilitate innovation as an organizational movement. If experienced facilitators are not available within the organization, consultants should be called in to help identify people with potential and train them.

Motivation and reward

Employees wish to be recognized as individuals and given appreciation. Support the employee’s creativity by engaging in brainstorming meetings and suitably reward employees for their effort.

Freedom of expression

Executive Vice President HR and administration, HDFC Standard Life opines An organizations has to provide the platform and give the employees opportunities to unleash the creativity.

Positive Ambience

Make office ambience psychologically relaxing with inspiring posters, comfortable seating soothing colors, fish tank, nd flowers etc which often help in stimulating creativity. A positive ambience can invigorate motivate and inspire.

At times many organizations have is. So take necessary steps ad let the employees be at their creative best!

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