HR Adopting an Investment outlook

HR Adopting an Investment outlook

Each minute the technology is evolving and along with that the professional .Workers today have a new label of “The Knowledge Worker” and have a intense need to upgrade their skills . Hence the organization’s technology is getting more invested in humans than in capital.

There is an urgent need to change the investment orientation of the organization to stay on edge of the competition. And the factors that set a trail for the investment orientation are:

Management principles

Is the company ready to see the people at the core of the strategy?

Companies today cannot ignore the P (people) factor while designing there mission, vision and objectives. They have to keep in mind the two important customers: External customer and the Internal Customer and most importantly the EQ which play’s a stronger role that IQ. EQ is strongly associated with feelings and can rush adrenaline to activate the IQ.

Risk Taking Ability

The companies have to increase the level of risk they can take in regard to their people.
A freer environment allowing more authority and powers to the people helps save time and unlocks the boundaries to perform. Companies today are coming out with better retention strategies that are actually based on the growth front of the employee. Companies allow loans, offer academic courses and a new concept that has come in is of opening university programmes that let you gain the both practical and academic knowledge.

Moving from Tangibles to Intangibles

The uniqueness of a human mind its ability to generate creative Ideas and innovate. Today the cost benefit analysis can not be applied every where. A space has to be provided for experimentation to gain the intangible fruits. The intangibles are rare and hard to copy which actually leave no scope for competition.

To the conclusion of it I would like to sum up by saying companies looking forward for long term growth have to start investing capital, freedom and trust in their people to grow.

Tarang Nijhawan