The new rules of engagement

In order to accommodate the increasing demands of work many working professionals have introduced drastic lifestyle changes, much to their dismay However, with a little help from your employer, this grievance can easily be addressed.

Picture the following scenarios; 1) You at office working on a business presentation on your wedding anniversary? 2) Did you have to skip your son’s soccer match because you had a meeting to attend? 3) Once a social butterfly your friends these days perceive you as a snob? If you have answered yes to the above questions clearly your lifestyle has gone for a toss! In today’s competitive world, most of us led fast paced, stressful lives and in a quest to be the best, we tend to introduce a lot of lifestyles changes to suit one’s work needs. And firms today to an endeavor are introducing policies and as working professionals you should make the most of it to get if not all but at least a part of your odd life back.

Hinduja hospital has recently introduced a lifestyle management program for executives with an aim to create awareness about the extent to which one knowingly or unknowingly abuses one’s lifestyle and its likely impact on one’s health. The program as whole is designed to understand the current lifestyle of the executive and provide customized steps for lifestyle modifications to prevent and reduce stress induced illnesses. It is done using a stress audit questionnaire which covers subjects pertaining to one’s behavioral patterns, lifestyle ongoing sources of stress (both personal and occupational) health profile attitude profile etc. this is a preventive program and helps executives cope better with stress that eventually enhances productivity.

The lifestyle of an employee can be determined by his /her family background socio-economic status, perception about one’s own self as well as about others etc. An employee with a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude in an asset tot eh organization. However, there may be some cases where he /she face personal problems that can lead to a lack of concentration or an unhealthy diet leading to fatigue and absenteeism. A satisfied and zealous employee is at the heart of service oriented company. We are going to introduce a specialized course on Transcendental Meditation ™ for employees next month transcendental meditation is a unique training program that provides the business and industry with a scientifically proven technology to unfold the full potential of executives and employees. In order to manage the hectic lifestyle of its employees, Intelenet Global Services has initiated a unique employee assistance program called Drishti. This on site counseling service is for problems employees with an opportunity to enhance the quantity of their life. Additionally we also offer our employees an opportunity to enhance their lifestyle through I-counsel. Employees can consult professionally trained counselors who bring a better understanding amongst colleagues at the workplace.

So the next time you feel your lifestyle has gone for a toss, consult your employer at the earliest!

Given an unexpected challenge or crisis, a very natural propensity is to react rather than enquire or resolve; be it during arguments a difference of opinion or misunderstanding. This is turn leads to inflicting hurt and anger upon oneself as well as the other person. Learn a new way of perceiving and responding to these challenges.

Introspect: when faced with an emotional or a psychological disturbance a clear examination and an inquiry into oneself will help disentangle emotion from the thought and arrive at the right perception of the facts. Facts do not dis-empower they prompt you into action.