HR must hire the right fit

Several recruiters today are considering the social networking world as a serious platform to gauge their candidate’s skills and personality traits and not just brushing it away as a frivolous way to connect informally with the people around you.

Ensuring that HR has hired the right fit for a vacant position available is not an easy task. In order to ensure that only right candidates are welcomed abroad, HR needs to introduce robust and effective recruitment processes. Today, HR is faced with new transition in the way it handles the recruiting process. It’s a known fact that the social networking world virtually controls a huge chunk of an individual’s life. Hence, HR today is looking up tot is lucrative option in terms of hiring retaining and gauging a candidate’s caliber.

Information is readily available on social networking sites Candidates with niche skills sets or a certain background or a particular candidate from the same sector and be targeted as most young professionals keep their profits fully updated on the net

The HR manager today knows and acknowledges the fact that the social media has a long lasting effect on the minds of an individual and in case they want to know the true strengths and weaknesses of a prospective candidate or already employed ones, that is the place to look for the right answers.

HR professionals can analyze a candidate’s online connections and validate whether he /she is the best fit. Sine the individual unleashes their true selves (to a large extent) on these platforms; it is good indicator of the person’s skills. In today’s world networking through the web is widespread as it has tremendous advantages. It opens up a new avenue of a database that is genuine and gives information beyond purely one’s professional background (read: interests and hobbies, family background etc) Also, the recommendations written can give you insight on his /her performance. Based on these factors a good HR manager can do a thorough analysis of a candidate and zero down on the most suitable fit for role.

The usage or non usage of this media is normally a reflection of an individual’s capability to accept change and keep up with the changing world. The incredible impact that social media is making on human resources and its outreach can be seen in the attitudinal change in HR management and changes that many Indian organizations are opting for.

However, it is important that the companies don’t get blindsided by the information available and should devise methods that can help te draw the line between reality and the no so real world.

It’s therefore evident that the benefits derived out of this method are many and it’s touted to catch up in the future.

‘Betrayal’ is a very strong word, as that particular employee does so, based on his /her limited understanding and short term view of his/her career. Most of the time, in these cases, they don’t know what makes them happy and what they are working for. It hurts the emotions of the management and even effects the organization from a business point of view. We should learn a big and valuable management lesson from such events on how to keep up the health of the organization and this realization makes the organization stronger.

It would vary from organization to organization and would depend on various factors. But it can be said that in certain situations and predominantly smaller organizations employers do feel the pinch when a good performer decides to quit. Comparatively in larger organizations, there are multiple levels of hierarchy that contribute towards a smooth transition and particularly when an employees in a senior position quits his /her role can be temporarily taken over by another employee, this is possible due to the flexibility exercised by the organization and the makes the whole process smoother Overall companies are well aware of job hopping and realize that an employee no matter how good, is not generally willing to stay in an organizations all through his/her career. Hence, companies need to be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Skilled knowledgeable and productive employees are extremely important assets. It‘s vital to work hard on them, in order to retain them. We consider it as a worthwhile investment. Despite our efforts for various reasons, some top performers do decide to leave. We respect that as a business decision and do not consider it a personal betrayal. Often top, performers return to us with a renewed appreciation for the growth opportunities we provide.