Producing Quality Engineers

The pace of a country’s development hinges on the quality of engineers building it. That India is shining and perceived as a global leader is attributed to the key role of engineers working diligently for a progressive tomorrow. The importance of creating technically sound engineers and has a time tested association with engineering education for the last fifty years. It has been instrumental in shaping the careers of students by instilling sound knowledge of engineering concepts.

Over the years the bond between dedicated teachers and engineering students has irrevocably strengthened making it their trusted companion with a high degree of reliability. Not surprising then, that students feel totally self assured throughout their four years of study and face all exams with a high degree of confidence as compared to their peers.

Along with clarity explanation of concepts and practice work, students are given intensive training in their approach. Systematically tackling complex topics and simplifying them for greater assimilation has become a specialty with reputed educational engineering institutions.

To make the best facilities available to students all over Mumbai, the institutions has opened centers at far flung areas like Thane and Navi Mumbai other than the ones already existing in the city and suburbs. This spread of branches between Fort to Borivli and even up to Panvel has greatly benefited engineering students. Students attending these classes look upon the institute as comprehensive support systems helping them to successfully complete their courses and get absorbed in the industry.

Keeping in mind those students and their parents are beneficiaries a lot of attention of attention is given to detail. Students are always the number one priority Individual guidance is provided to every students till the day of exam to assess a students level of assimilation of each topic, test are conducted periodically. Weekly tests followed by distribution of model solutions ensure that students can check their mistakes and correct them. Parents are kept informed about their child’s progress by informing them about test results. Student’s absence is informed through phone calls or SMS.

The most important aspect of all is that syllabus is completed well before the exams and then the students are subjected to mock tests. This ensures sufficient time for revision and increases their performance. The schedule for lectures and exams is always available on www.—–.org
—— denotes name of the engineering institution.

A fully equipped in house library well stocked with reference material has proved advantageous to students. To nurture a healthy competitive atmosphere the most brilliant performers are felicitated and awarded prizes. The career counseling cell at Vidyalankar provides guidance to students as well as parents.

There are a number of dual or twining programs offered by institutes in India. Certain institutes even tie up with reputed international universities and allow students to partake the first year in India and be eligible to enroll into the second year at the foreign university. These programs offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees that usually takes three to four years respectively.

Many institutes claim to be affiliated with foreign universities. How to verify these claims and the authenticity of the foreign university they are affiliated to?

The institutes that offer associated programs with foreign universities are liable to prove their association with the University. Usually a generic contract is available to be shared with the audience. Often universities post such information on their websites as well. To verify an association one can visit the sites of both the universities and search for mutual endorsements.

Right from its inception, Vidyalankar and other similar institutions have built a reputation and gained recognition which works for the success of its students. We believe that knowledge is the true adornment of a student and with this objective in mind we leave no stone unturned to achieve our goal. We encourage students to experience the joy of learning while gaining knowledge. It is our collective endeavor to retain our number one position and work towards offering more to our students.

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