MBA, MS in Management

BI Norwegian School of management is Norway’s second largest educational institution and one of largest business schools in Europe. Research is the school’s key strength. BI received the prestigious EQUIS accreditation from the European Foundation for management development in 1999 and was reaccredited in 2006.

BI Norwegian School of Management is a private school charging tuition fees in a country where education to the state schools is for free. Even so, with 9,000 full time and 9,500 part time students BI is one of the largest educational institutions in Norway Students are willing to pay for BI because if several reasons:

1) State of the art facilities
2) Excellent connections with business life.
3) 95% of BI graduates have landed a job within six months after graduation
4) Education based on award wining research in for example the areas of Finance and marketing
5) A vibrant and international student environment
6) It is one of the best teaching facilities in Europe

BI Norwegian School of management’s state of the art campus in Oslo offers students and faculty excellent facilities and a vibrant learning environment. It is considered to be one of Europe’s best teaching facilities and is centrally located in an emerging and lively business area in Oslo. Students can work and study in a campus environment of innovative Scandinavian architectural design.

BI offers a full range of international programs taught in English: Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Shipping and finance a wide range of two year Master programs and several part time Executive MBA programs focusing on Shipping and Energy management.

BI offers the following two year program at the MSC level completely in English

MSc in business and economics
MSc in International Management
MSc in Finance Economics
MSc in marketing
MSc in Leadership and Organizational
MSc in Political Economy
MSc in Innovative and Entrepreneurship

In their second year of study students have ample opportunities to study a semester or whole year at one of BI’s more than 165 international partners. In India, BI exchanges with MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad and IIM Calcutta.

The tuition fees for the MSC programs is 8000 Euros per year and living costs vary from 8000 to 10,000 Euros per year.

Students can work part time earning around 13 euros per hour.

Students with GMAT scores of 650 and above and good academic record can complete for scholarships. These scholarships include tuition fee waiver for the first year.

Additional partial grants to cover living costs are available.

In exceptional cases GMAT can be waived as an application requirement.

The bachelor program in Shipping and finance at BI Norwegian School of Management will give you a taste of an exciting and globalized industry; The Shipping Industry Norway is one of the leading shipping nations in the world and BI has a long tradition of teaching and doing research in the Shipping area.

Students will understand the nuances of the shipping industry and its various segments develop analytical and strategic skills related to commercial, financial and organizational opportunities and challenges in International Business.

They will be able to analyze and evaluate shipping investment proposals and analyze financial statements from large shipping groups, smaller shipping firms and private single purpose enterprises.

Students would also understand the basics of maritime legislation and contractual framework of international shipping. They would be able to communicate well qualified opinions about the shipping industry and their markets in an international business environment.

TOEFL and SAT are not required if the medium of instruction is English. One year of University education post 12th grade is mandatory for prospective candidates.

These scholarships include tuition fee wavier for the first year and 50% tuition fee waiver for the second or third year.

BI also offers Bachelor program in Business Administration. The program is for three years duration. The tuition fees are 7500 Euros per year. Admission to the program is based on 11th and 12th grade marks and letter of motivation.

Norway is a relatively young nation and thanks to the country’s oil and gas reserves economically prosperous. Shipping, maritime pulp and paper products, chemicals, shipbuilding and fishing are the most significant traditional industries. Employment remains currently high and the prospects for economic growth are encouraging. Norway is renowned for its natural beauty.

Norway is a very safe country where the crime rate is lowest in world. And its environment is cleanest. In 2009, it was again distinguished by the United Nations as the best country in the world to live in.

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