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Nearly 10-15 lakh students pass the class 10 examinations from various boards SSC, ICSE and CBSE each year. Most of these students and their parents give preference to conventional careers such as engineering medical and charted accountancy. However, 21st century will be dominated by designers as in the design field demand far outstrips supply whereas in case of engineering and other traditional careers the supply is much more than the demand.

Careers in creative industries that require design based skills are gaining popularity as lucrative career options in India and abroad. Product design automobile design, advertising and graphic design web design animation and gaming fashion and accessory design, furniture and interior design are the sectors that are seeing an increased demand for design professionals in India, Students in the design field after the completion of a course can fetch salaries of even up to Rs 10 lakh per annum as freshers.

These are various recognized design institutes /colleges in India. Some of the reputed ones include.

NID (National Institute of Design)

NID is internationally acclaimed as one of the finest educational and research Institutions for industrial communication textile and IT integrated design. It has Industrial communication textile and apparel design courses at the under graduate level and various specialized courses for post graduation. For admissions to NID, a student has to clear the entrance test for modules like CAT (Creative Ability test in Phase 1 and studio test in Phase II.

There are other design schools such as Sristhi, Symbiosis and MTT; that offer design courses similar to NID.

NIFT has 15 centers all over the country and offers an under graduate program in Fashion Design and Technology and a postgraduate program in management and design space. Students have to clear GAT (general ability test) in Maths and English and CAT (Creative Ability test) in Phase I and Phase II.

Art and Architecture

There are a number of art and architecture colleges with adequate number of seats in Maharasthra and across the country. Students have to prepare themselves in subjects like object drawing, memory drawing etc for entrance to degree courses in fine and applied arts for which the have to study subjects like geometrical solids, perspective material quality and surface texture for architecture entrance exams.

The most sought after college in this category is Sir JJ School of Srt and Architecture Mumbai.

For admission to universities abroad, a student needs to have a strong portfolio that needs to be created according to the guidelines prepared by these colleges. Generally the portfolio should be well organized portable and should be language independent or platform independent on CD. Students also need to undergo a foundation program in design consisting of basic design drawing still life, figure drawing and anatomy learning digital medium, etc prior to making a design portfolio a good portfolio can not only get one admission to the university but one can directly get admission that second year of the degree courses in design. This way, a student can save up fees and one year of the graduation course.

The good news is that a lot of international universities are setting tip their campuses in India. For examples DSK has brought a well known French animation / design school Supinfocom to Pune. Also NTU (Nottingham Trent University) jointly with ITM and UH (university of Herefrodshire) with EDIT are now offering design courses in India. Students can now get the benefit of an international design education without having tog o broad and incur heavy fee costs.

Most students lose touch with subjects like design and art after class five or six. Since design is a subject where one has to constantly practice and take practical advice from a faculty to grow it is advisable to enroll in a training institute to prepare for entrance tests or for making portfolio.

General aptitude tests world over have failed to identify a students suitability for creative career. There are however, specialized aptitude tests in creativity and design that help a student assesses his /her creative quotient and aptitude fro a specific design discipline like product design, fashion design art or architecture etc.