Act local think global

Gen Y has a new mantra – act local think global. The ambitious and aspiring Indian student does have very clear goals – (in most cases) a Bachelor’s degree in India topped with an international degree better still a job that pays in foreign currency.

Thus it isn’t surprising to find an increasing number of students embarking on a flight out of the country in search of greener pastures be it for Internships under graduate or postgraduate studies. The number of applicants signing up with AIESEC to go for a international internship and exchange experience has increased four times in the previous two year, surprisingly countries like Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Poland Nigeria and Indonesia are becoming very popular amongst students when it comes to internships because of their diverse and rich culture

While there are several factors that are contributing towards creating this global employment era for Indian students there are a few notable reasons, as shares study abroad counselor. With an increasing number of global companies recruiting individuals from India the going seems to be good. Moreover the salary levels are much higher and postings worldwide. Add to it the fact that most employers are happy with Indian employees’ performances it does work well towards creating an international career for the ambitious youth.

Indians Welcome?

That’s seems to be the new signboard for those looking for international internships and further education for sure. A careful analysis says that the perception of the student has changed in the minds of employers. The modern picture of Indian talent is no more about providing technical and medical assistance cater to the outsourcing demands programs or bankers but of innovative high potential business leaders, consultants, corporate training professors and business strategies.

Students who truly aspire and work towards maximizing the global village they live in are well informed and aware of the choices they make. The typical profile of the average Indian student is now no longer someone who comes from a family with deep pockets. The average Indian students going to the US now includes students who may or may not have financial backing of the family and is taking loans to pursue higher education and his long term goals.

It is also quite evident that there is a rush to be young achievers. Indian MBA candidates are getting younger. The average age of an Indian MBA candidate is not much above 24 while the international average is still around the 27 – 28 mark.

With the advent of technology and social networking sites like Face Book, it has truly become much simpler for students to navigate their way around campus/ internship much before actually landing up there.

Clichéd as it may sound but the internet has been the key game changer. Students are following blogs, connecting with friends alumni advisors and even family members before going and asking a lot of questions on the culture etiquettes mindset etc. Thus when the students arrive they are mentally more prepared for the change and this helps them to settle down faster.

The world is shrinking in this regard, and the wealth of information available about foreign countries makes it easier than ever before to prepare to study overseas. In fact, students know their roomies beforehand. This helps you to adjust faster or even change the roomie if you don’t have the initial spark.

Beyond the obvious are other changes in perception that need to be noted. The biggest shifts reported to us are issues around the environment. Today’s MBA student is more conscious than ever of promoting sustainability in business of looking after the environment an the local community of building ethical practices into their courses their careers and companies

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