HR for the modern teacher

Aren’t teachers employees too who need to be motivated and rewarded for their efforts?

As we all know, HR is not a backend function anymore, it is an important partner and an active contributor towards a company’s success. Sadly, the same practice isn’t prevalent in the education sector in India. Our teachers are the ones who are responsible for shaping our minds and the knowledge that we all possess. But, the sad truth is that we don’t have employee engagement programs or retention policies in place for teachers After all, aren’t they employees too? Do we ever wonder as to what steps are taken to motivate and reward a teacher who is doing an exceptional job? Or is there much consideration given to the rights that the teachers are entitled to? What the educational institute can do for them to retain them as well as appraise tem rightfully? All these questions are far from being answered.

The Indian education sector is growing rapidly and it is one of the biggest markets for various educational institutes looking at setting up their base here. This calls for a better management system that gives a holistic approach towards not only providing the best quality of education but also making the institute a good employer. If education institutes in India adopt the HR function, it will help in standardizing the various employment policies as well as addressing issues faced by teachers / professors. When there are standard sets for payment of service, rules pertaining to leaves and various other policies there is always a clarity around which the teachers can work. The corporate HR structure will also bring with it a standard approach to the appraisal process. This will help to maintain transparency and keep far of nepotism or personal vendetta will disappear. The corporate HR structure will help create non biased policies as well as address grievances neutrally which are beneficial to the management as well as teachers. So, yes to some extent there should be a conscious effort to bring in the corporate structure in the Indian education system. In the education system the competition and also provide world class knowledge to our students, we have to keep our human resources (read: teachers) happy. We (teachers) are only knowledge providers, but HR is a facilitator which can help us provide it in a better way.

Several educational institutes that offer higher education are welcoming aboard HR consultants to help them revamp the pay structures. Also, these consultants or HR experts help institutes formulate and execute other policies with regards to temporary substitution maternity / paternity leaves yearly appraisals grievances generating mechanisms.

As they say everything has to change to keep up with the times. Today, the adage survival of the fittest rings true even for the education sector say experts. For the institutes to retain a good reputation and attract teachers to be part of their growth process, HR has to be an integral part!

A good teacher imparts information; a great teacher kindles the passion for learning

The ancient Greeks who arrived at the concept of schools will be horrified at what it has come to be today. The word school means a place where learning tales place at be leisure. The crammed classrooms with so many students their heavy school bags as if they were being trained to become weightlifters and railways porters: the parents wit their endless anxieties and ambitions the management with its insatiable appetite for more profit and the civilization with its ruthless march down progress the perceptions of school has changed and how where does the teacher feature in all this? The teacher the professional is most often dissatisfied with the pay scale and the utter disregard for their discomforts. The teacher, the mother or the father is exhausted by the end of the day with not enough energy or zest left to spend quality time with the family the parent in the teacher is sick with anxiety related to increasing monthly expenses and funds required to support the rams his /her children.

Yet, we are here celebrating Teacher’s day. Because it’s dedicated to those teachers who choose to rise above the victim image and take responsibility towards creating a better world

There are good teachers there are great teachers. A good teacher cultivates the intellect a great teacher nurtures not only the intellect but also the emotion and spirit. Good teachers are rare great teachers are rare still.

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