Friendly office space


Human nature instinctively seeks wellness of body, mind and soul; that has been one of the greatest learning of the pre-modern era. Then came the post-modern era, which recognized that to keep people going, you need to work with human nature, rather than bend it into something its not.

Office spaces have become relaxed, friendly. Friday dressing has crept its way into corporate corridors. Modern buildings are twisting themselves into easy triangular and circular shapes. All are on a coordinated attempt to create feel good in spaces.

Many people have many times over in the past, attempted to bring out the difference between a boss and a leader. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting. I have found this is true of nearly every good leader. The nature of the work doesn’t change, the deadline and irate customers don’t go away but good leaders always manage to sustain motivation levels and make people feel good about the organization.

It is a sense of internal feel good that’s not just about your pay. Money is important but when you have to spend twelve hours of the day at work, it’s important that you feel good physically, mentally and spiritually.

This understanding of the fact that human nature instinctively seeks feel good of body, mind and souls; has been one of the greatest learning of the pre modern era. This era was all about training the mind against human nature. It was about discipline and iron will, and everything reflected that. Offices were intimidating, office wear was formal, language was precise, even furniture was upright and uncomfortable.

Then came the post-modern era, which recognized that to keep people going, you need to work with human nature, rather than bend it into something its not.

This axis of feel good can change the fortune of many languishing categories. Take the fitness industry. For many years, fitness as a concept has struggled across the world. Even today, only a small percent of people are into regular exercise and workouts. The reason is that fitness has traditionally been a stern, hard discipline, which demands that you beat your body into shape with back-breaking routines in the gym, or ascetic unworldly diets. This is fundamentally against the instinct for feel good, which severely restricts its appeals.

On the other hand, people are naturally gravitating towards post-modern wellness spaces like spas, or closer home; health farms because they gently heal you from within, all the while making you feel good with their treatments and wholesome foods. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is huge untapped potential for the food industry to introduce wellness food concepts. Here are some things that come to mind.

The truth is that we feel fulfilled eating foods that are good for the body so long as they indulge our tongue. Atkins diet has become so popular because it allows you to eat things that you want, while taking off your kilos. So what about a range of wellness snacks that take the guilt out of snacking, while providing solid nutrition. Tasty biscuit bars with wheat nutrition, corn breads you take your pick!

Call it the new-age packet. Fill it with a fresh nutritious, well balanced meal that promises to stock your body with its fill of vitamins, minerals and all things vital to cope with stressful lifestyles. And you get the perfect wellness meal service that nourishes the body and de-stresses the mind.

Imagine a range of wholesome branded Indian sweets made with healthy skimmed milk and non aspartame-based sweeteners. Imagine fresh fruit ice-creams that let you taste the fruits inside, while cutting down calories. Perhaps for the first time, desserts will feel as good to the mind as they feel on the tongue.

Many people are trying to cut down on tea and coffee for health reasons. Others have lactose intolerance, and their physical and mental feel good gets affected by too many milk beverages. The better alternative is an organic hot beverage that pours energy into the body and kick–starts the mind in a completely natural way.

Milk is being cited as one of the four white poisons, with allegations of hormones being injected into cows. This in fact, represents a huge feel good opportunity, given the fact that milk is a foundation stone of Indian foods. A brand of milk that charges a premium 100% healthy milk of cows and buffaloes that are kept diseases-free as well as free of any artificial hormones.

Global learning around wellness indicate that what sounds improbable in the making; can become the next resounding success. Denmark has eggs of free-range hens that sell at a premium—it is premium paid for the reassurances that the hens are living in natural habitats and eating healthy foods. So behold Marketer; the well of feel good runs deep, look hard and choose well, then drop a penny and sing along.