Offbeat Courses

The offbeat courses available today not only give fun filled experiences but open up new lucrative opportunities.

While thinking of a secure future students have always been opting for the traditional courses in engineering medicine, management or law. Nowadays the trend seems to be changing with more and more students opting for unconventional courses trying to explore something new and fulfilling their passion with a will wanting to prove them by taking a less common route. Today, there is no dearth of unconventional courses, which not only offer creative satisfaction but are also challenging enough to give better rewards – courses ranging from an illustrator fitness trainer wild life photographer food taster to an adventure sport instructor.

The offbeat courses emerging today have joined the league of popular professions. If you are interested in revealing the present state of mind of an individual it is just possible through his handwriting. A course in graphology lets you study the human mind through the pattern of writing followed by the person. One can opt for a learning course of a certified course in graphology which includes hands on training like doing recruitment appraisal analysis detecting frauds / forgeries performing recruitment analysis personality profiling. Institute of graphology and Personal Success offers graphology course in Mumbai and Pune.

If you want to explore the possibilities in the creative world the textile design is another booming industry Textile design has become popular due to the increasing demands in the fashion industry which not only offer glamour but also good money. A course in the textile design course will teach you the insights into textile structure and design, print and weave design, Indian textiles as well as embroidery

If you are in love with nature and want to explore its wild side, walking in the forest studying animal behavior a number of courses like MSc animal biotechnology BSc forestry wildlife research can be of interest.

Photography is another fun filled adventurous profession to be in. One can experiment with being a wildlife photographer fashion photographer food photographer advertising photographer, photojournalism the list is endless.

With the spread of medical science there are un-numerable courses, which are not only in great demand but are also generating good returns. Course in speech language pathologists and audiologists medical transcription dental hygienist yogic science, physiotherapist are becoming popular today. With importance being given to wanting to look good and presentable there are numerous job opportunities in the beauty industry. Professional hairstylist make up artist, fitness trainers nail technician, beauty counselors have good career prospects.

The list is endless and varied. Every kind of courses available, which not only nurtures your hobby but also lets you, set some different path. It is only about selecting the right one depending on your skills likes and preferences.

There is a strong relationship between economic growth and level of education. Higher education in India has seen significant growth over the last two decades, Universities and colleges in India have grown at a CAGR of over 5% and 6% respectively, since 1957. This growth has been powered by steady increases in enrolment. Enrolment is higher education has grown at a CAGR of approximately 6% over the past two decades, with approximately 13 million students enrolling in higher and technical education institutions in 2007-08.

With over 50% of the population falling in the age group of 15–24 years, with a median age between 20-23 years, India presents an attractive market of the higher education sector. The population in the 15 – 24 age groups is expected to be about 235 million by 2010– 19% of the total population. Thus there is huge potential in higher education.

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