Negativity at the workplace can take shape

Our workplace is more than a just place where we earn our daily bread and butter. It’s a place where strengths weaknesses, interpersonal skills, communication skills, professional’s skills work ethics and time management come to play under one roof. Our distinct identity and facets of personality come into existence at our workplace which are not seen and sometimes unknown even to our family and friends. And since our lives revolve around our work dealing with negativity at the workplace is very important because it can hamper our productivity success mental state, personality and consequently affects our personal life.

Negativity at the workplace can take shape in various forms like bad tempered boss, seniors who are bullies, deceitful colleagues, nagging colleagues who whine incessantly favoritism by the management dirty office etc. Even one factor is enough to breed a negative environment in the offices. Negativity whether in terms of work environment colleagues or bosses if not tackled effectively multiply and in turn affect one’s thoughts actions and behaviors. Since the work environment is not conducive an individual’s self esteem self confidence enthusiasm and cheerfulness all will be affected Negativity at the workplace will lead to loss of work productivity profitability and efficiency Candid communication will not take place among workers and suspicion and mistrust may sneak in. Absenteeism and customer complaints will become frequent. Interpersonal relationships at workplace will be hampered. Gradually boredom an creep in, interest will be lost an quality of work output will suffer. Therefore it is important to deal with and curb negativity at work because ultimately it is you who stand to lose instantly or in the long run. So how do your deal with negativity at the work.


Assertiveness is important when dealing with unreasonable demands made by seniors and colleagues. Assertiveness is a misunderstood term and the goal of it is to facilitate interpersonal relations. Using assertiveness works well in dealing with people who may want to get the better of you with people who disregard your contribution. Assertiveness is not aggressiveness. It is a genuine and authentic expression of what one feels where there is objective talk of the problem and not an attack of the person. So where there is correct assertiveness there will be better relations and therefore less negativity at work.

Problem identification

Identification of the problem is essential to get rid of negativity. However the problem is exactly – we get carried way and become subjective rather than objective in problem identification. We blame rather then look for and solve. So, identifying the problem can happen only when there is objective appraisal of what is going wrong and not about who is not doing what! Address the problem not the blame good dictum to get rid of negativity.


Misinterpretation stems fro lack of proper communication and is a major cause of problems. Proper communication is the key to bridge the gap between the employee and the boss and amongst colleagues too. A team leader plays an important role, that of a mediator between the employees and the boss / management and therefore he /she must be proficient with food communication. Proper communication is honest concise and should be done confidently.

Tackling the whiny colleagues

You will always encounter particular people who whine all the time regarding work timings the boss other colleagues management etc that unload their burden on you, and in turn expect you to sympathize with then and sometimes even fight for their rights. Once you realize that your colleague is doing nothing but whining hang around as little as you can with that colleague. Keep yourself detached from his /her negativity complains and noisiness. Don’t get yourself sucked into the negative complain communication cycle.


If you are the boss or a manager at your workplace you must to ensure that your employees are given the recognition appreciation and the reward they deserve. That’s because it boosts the employee’s morale and motivates them to work harder with zeal. Lack of appreciation and reward for deserving employees will have them feel frustrating employees will have them feel frustrated, as a result their productivity will decrease or worse they might feel compelled to leave the organization.

Thinking positive

This is the most effective aspect in dealing with negativity at workplace. Rational and positive attitude towards people and situations can make a big difference to the approach in which negativity can be tackled. In fact, if the outlook is pragmatic and optimistic then one can actually turn negativity into positivity! It only when you think optimistically you’ll feel perform well.

You are bound to find negativity wherever you work; nothing is perfect in this world. However it all depends on you whether you wish to tackle the problems and in what manner learning to tackle negativity is a continuous process so smile and face the challenges head on.

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