Differentiation planks by air express companies – some cases


Differentiation Planks by Air Express Companies show the planks used by Air Express companies, FedEx, Elbee, DHL and Blue Dart. In this article we are taking the case of air express companies as an example.


FedEx has its own aircrafts and its own air cargo service. Fed Ex uses this as its main differentiation plank. FedEx also uses the fact that it is the World’s largest express / Air Freight company as an additional differentiation plank. It highlights its global fleet. 441 aircrafts, 30,000 pick up-cum-delivery vans, covering 173 countries. Fed Ex’s DC-10 aircraft touches Mumbai five times a week. Fed Ex customers can have access to Fed Ex’s worldwide network through its tracking system, ‘Cosmos’. Fed Ex uses this service as yet another differentiation plank.


Elbee too has its own aircrafts / air cargo service. And, Elbee too uses this as its main differentiation plank. To quote: We have our own Air Cargo Service. We are the first courier company in India to have their own air cargo service. We use larger aircrafts on main routes connecting major centers, and smaller aircrafts for feeder service to main routes. Nagpur will be the hub of Elbee’s airline operations, in view of its central location of India.


DHL is different in its differentiation. Unlike FedEx and Elbee, DHL has not gone for own aircraft. In the opinion of DHL, for the present, the market does not justify it; and there is anyway 50% surplus capacity in domestic air services in India. So, DHL differentiates through its DHL Jumbo Box DHL Jumbo Junior.

DHL Jumbo Box:

It is airfreight made easy. If you want to send your product/ sample weighting up to 25 kg door-to-door, you can send it through DHL.

All you have to do is to put it in a DHL box and call DHL. DHL will collect the box from your door and deliver it to your customer at his door—anywhere in the world—at a flat rate by zones. DHL will organize customer clearance and express deliver it. No hassles for the customer. No paperwork or any procedural problems. In other words, special service is its differentiation plank.

DHL Jumbo Junior:

Similarly, through DHL Jumbo Junior too, DHL provides a special service and uses it as its differentiation plank.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart too, talks about own aircraft, but its main differentiation plank is ‘surface-to-air missile: The Blue Dart Apex’.

Because, Road is too slow. Air is too expensive Blue Dart claims that it gives a combination of speed and reliability. In fact, Blue Dart cites four factors: Speed, economy, reach, reliability. The Road and Air combination will ensure this. Reliability: Monitoring online tracking system Cosmat will ensure this. Blue Dart has FedEx as its global service partner in India. To an extent, Blue Dart uses this fact too as its differentiation plank.