Domino’s Pizza

Founded in 1960, Domino’s Pizza is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company owned and franchise owned stores in the United States and international markets. Domino’s Pizza’s vision illustrates a company of exceptional people, on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. The company delivers on an average over 1 million pizzas a day, and operates more than 8,500 owned and franchise stores in the United States and 64 international markets.

Domino’s Pizza India Ltd was incorporated in March 1995 as the master franchise for India and Nepal of Domino’s Pizza international Inc., of USA. The company holds the master franchisee rights for Sri Lanka and Bangladesh through its wholly owned subsidiary. Mr Shyam S Bhartia and Mr Hari S Bhartia of Jubilant Organosys Goup were the promoters of the company.

The first Domino’s pizza store in India opened in January 1996, at New Delhi. By the end of 2007, Domino’s Pizza India had grown into a countrywide network of over 185 outlets in 34 cities and became the leader in the fast food delivery segment. Company sources claim that it sells over 1.4 million pizzas a month currently and expects to grow at over 20 percent on year on year basis for the next four years. The company plans to sell over five million pizzas through 500 outlets across 50 cities by 2011.

Domino’s vision is focused on Exceptional people on a mission to be that best pizza delivery company in the world! Domino’s is committed to bringing fun and excitement to the lives of customers by delivering delicious pizzas to their doorstep in 30 minutes or less, and all its strategies are aimed at fulfilling this commitment towards its large and ever growing customer base.

Domino’s constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of its customers thereby bringing out the Wow effect (the feel good factor). Domino’s believes strongly in the strategy of Think local and act regional that is subtly blended with a playful images personified by its Hungry Kya? Positioning. Thus time and again Domino’s has been innovating toppings suitable to the taste buds of the local populace and these have been very well accepted by the India market.

One of the main reasons behind Domino’s success in the delivery market can be traced to the change in the buying behavior of the Indian consumer. First, prior to Domino’s not too many outlets offered free home delivery. Second, the consumer herself was not comfortable with the idea of ordering food from outside and eating it at home. Domino’s made ordering pizzas a lot simpler by introducing a single number across the country.

In the ear future, the domino’s Pizza delivery man will be knocking on more doors of fast food lovers in town such as Panipat, Karnal and Mysore. The Pizza chain is spending Rs 70 crore to increase presence in another 10-15 new cities. The chain expects to have 250 outlets by the end of 2008 against the existing 185. To achieve this aim, the company spending an additional Rs 15 crore on building capacity commissaries and on strengthening its supply chain to support its expansion plans.

Apart from launching value deals and products at relevant price points for consumers of lower SECs or SEC B and C the company is also launching new variants like the Sicilian Wheat Treat Pizza. It’s the first time wheat is being used in an Indian pizzeria chain, according to Domino’s. However, flour might be used as a bait for the health conscious elsewhere at Domino’s they are introducing it for its other virtues primarily the familiarity of the flour and the preference that Indians have for the state.

The chain is also likely to spend about Rs 20-25 crore this year on advertising (80 percent of which will be reserved for TV commercials) of which Rs 5 crore is to be spent on selling the new Sicilian Wheat Treat Pizza.