Strained ties at the workplace

Strained ties at the workplace can put personal and professional life in disarray. They should be attended to before it is very late.

Corporate world is highly competitive and at the same time cut throat. The rising pressure of meeting deadlines and achieving targets can be unnerving. There are times when out of sheer frustration or anger one unintentionally hurts other colleagues. Minor tiffs at the workplace are fine, but if a relationship is nearing breaking point it needs to be attended to. Broken ties at the workplace not only take a toll emotionally but also interfere with one’s work.

Broken ties

When dealing with upset work equations one must after one’s approach depending on who the opposite person is – contemporary or senior or subordinate. When dealing with female coworker one must be careful of language and behavior. Sometimes unintentional jokes or gestures may not go down too well with everyone at the workplace and can dent one’s image and have untoward repercussions. Such relationships are tougher to repair. A bad temper is the nemesis of a healthy working atmosphere. One should measure one’s words before speaking anything that is likely to upset others.

Mending Fences

When a work relationship goes awry it should be mended in time. It is in the interest of the employees to not let work and the organization suffer. Here’s how it can be done.

Wear a smile:

Clinched as it may sound it does work. In site of good or not so good relations with colleagues it is advisable to always greet them with a smile. It helps maintaining office decorum and acts as a catalyst.

Do not sleep over a fight:

Not to be taken literally it means avoiding any delay in putting the relationship back on track. After any misunderstanding argument or fight immediate damage control helps. At times a third party takes advantages of unsolved disputes further widening the rift between two people

Be honest:

Speak the truth and be straight forward. Look back at your own stand and apologize if needed. In some cases, though one needs to use of diplomacy and tact to put things back in order.


Let personal prejudices and egos not come in way of professional relationships. Even things have hit rough patch one should realize that work comes before everything else and should co-operate with other team members. If someone else is good at something it helps to step back and him /her to take over.

Avoid negative emotions:

Keep emotions like jealousy resentment and anger at bay. They only worsen the situation. Besides if allowed to grow they can turn into ugly power battles. A sense of mutual appreciation should be fostered with colleagues.

Occasions like festivals office get together and birthday parties can also be used to bury the hatchet. In a happy mood and jovial atmosphere people tend to forgive and forget. Besides, there are chances that some professional bonds turn into personal ones too.

Trailing Thoughts

Mending professionals relationships calls for maturity and tact. One cannot always have one’s way as certain compromises need to be made. A dysfunctional relationship at the workplace is the biggest impediment to one’s progress. Problems if any should be discussed with superiors or contemporaries. Above all, one should learn to take professional ups and downs in one’s stride and more on, rather than blood over it.

Any organizations is a network of inter dependent employees who need each other’s support time and again. As a result it is difficult to survive in isolation in the corporate world. Professional bonds are hence important and must be preserved. Getting into petty or even heated arguments does not serve anyone’s purpose or well being.

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