Aviation law and Air Transport management

As the aviation sector across the globe gradually shows signs of recovery from the 2008 economic downturn, the demand for professionals in aviation law and air transport management too witnesses a steady rise.

Keen on taking up a course that is different yet offers you the option to pursue a rewarding career? If yes, a career in aviation law and air transport management can literally help you reach for the skies.

Industry Update

Post recession, the aviation sector has emerged as one of the most happening sector across the world. Each day airports are being upgraded and developed around the world to cope with the increasing air traffic. Owing to the 2008 economic slowdown that brought forth innumerable challenges to the aviation industry the airline segment has witnessed a paradigm shift, especially in the Asia Pacific region including India. To meet this fast track growth several hundreds of aviation management professionals are needed to man the modern aviation industry and this is where a career in aviation law and air transport management comes in handy.

There is an acute shortage of aviation professionals. A course in aviation law and air transport management would help aspirants attain the competitive edge to acquire coveted placements in the global aviation industry.

Aviation law and air transport management combines law with management unlike other management program which merely include aviation law as a part of the programs.

Educational essentials

Institutes usually offer postgraduate courses in aviation law and air transport management. The minimum eligibility for entry to the PG courses is a bachelor’s degree in any discipline including engineering management law, aviation etc. Admission is based on a group discussion and personal interview. Indian Institutes hardly conduct any specific course on aviation law. It is included partially in the courses on criminal law contract law and arbitration law involving the airline sector.

Skills speak

Basic soft skills, an understanding of general and comprehensive management and a hard and enterprising nature can go a long way in taking one forward.

Starting out

One can start as an assistant manger and move on to become a senior manger before rising up the career ladder, besides one can also work as an airline manager safety and security managers, business development manger marketing manger, aviation law expert an air transport manager.

Airline manager

As an airline manager one would be responsible for all major operations. An airline manger must constantly be in touch with the airline personnel and oversee design certification installation test and turn up maintenance of equipment and other activities involved to the airline’s maintenance department He/she is expected to help in the development and implementation of policies procedures and practices while making sure that goals are achieved.

Safety and security manager

Being an airline safety and security manager is an adventurous job. The key function of those involved in this job to provide an airline’s management operational security functions and ensure that they are in compliance with current and future requirements of the law. Besides a safety and security manager must continually monitor the airport’s security status and identify any potential current or future concerns.

Business development manager

For those who go on to become business development managers, assessment of marketing opportunities intelligence gathering on customers and competitors generating leads for possible sales, follow up sales activity and business model designing are a few responsibilities that would be a part of their job. Business development also involves evaluating a business and the realizing its full potential.

Eventually, one can even become the CEO of an airline.

Money matters

Given the demand for airport professionals one can look forward to a very lucrative package. A fresher can expect to earn between Rs 30,000 and Rs 40,000. This figures can go up to a few lakh rupees in a couple of years.

Institute indicator

1) NALSAR university of Law, Hyderabad. Also, offered at centers in Bangalore Kozhikode Kolkata, Chandigrah Delhi, Mumbai
2) Institute of Business Management Studies.
4) McGill University Canada
5) Leiden University Netherlands
6) International aviation laws institute US.

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