Workplace family involvement


In India, as one’s career choice is significantly influenced by the family. Even if the MD of a company gets an offer to move, he will make sure that he consults his family before he signs on the dotted line. Keeping with this, a job offer has to involve and excite not only the candidate in question, but also his/her family to secure their acceptance and approval.

With this in view, companies invite families of employees and brief them bout the company’s goals and vision and how the candidate would fit into the larger picture. In India, the family is a strong institution and is instrumental in every individual’s decisions. A CEO said that they believe in involving their employees’ families in company programs and activities, as it helps them get a better understanding of the company and they get to meet the people who their son, daughter, wife or husband works with.

This is a very popular initiative and has been adopted by many progressive companies, wherein family members are invited to the office premises. Here, they get to chat with the managers about their concerns and learn from them about the kind of work that their children/spouse do, provide suggestions and get all their doubts cleared about the workplace.

The family is invited to the workplace, during a company’s anniversary. The parents, children and spouses are called to offices during the course of a couple of days. The agenda for the parents begins with breakfast; after which a film is shown about the organization, and then they are taken on a walk across the different bays – through which they get to learn about the different projects that their child/spouse is working on. This is a holistic way of growing and this is possible only if employees are able to bond with their families and that of their colleagues.

From a more strategic view, through such initiatives, the family gets a clearer insight into working conditions provided to their close relatives working in the organization. They also show them the campus where their children/spouses work and get them to interact with management after they are welcome into the company by none other than the CEO himself. Especially, in the case of women employees, where the family is very concerned about the workplace, this practice gives them a chance to understand the environment in a very transparent fashion.

There were days when companies would shy away from letting employees in, on their plans for the future. And now they reveal all to the parents and spouses of their employees. It has definitely been a remarkable turn of events. The associates’ families are invited on the company’s foundation day. This ensures better interaction between mangers of the company and the families of the associates and vice versa. At such functions, the CEO or a senior manager presents their business and future plans. The presentation also includes what career opportunities the organization has in store for the respective associates. This activity creates an extremely strong bond between the associates and the organization.

The benefits of such a practice vary, depending on the employee’s situation. It helps the employees, who are joining the workforce for the first time to know that they have made the right choice when their parents/mentors/elders also endorse the quality and values of the company they are joining.

By involving and engaging family members of employees means sending strong signals that the organization cares both for employees and their families.