Consumer research – A case of Mc Donalds

Consumer research also pointed out that a larger mix of offering was required in its vegetarian menu and McDonald’s consciously addressed this need. The company also became aware that eating out, though gaining in frequency was still largely a family affair. Hence, it was relegated mainly in evenings and the weekends. Another significant finding of the research was that the father, the decision maker in the family did not find the food served relevant to him. It wasn’t filing enough or to his taste. Taking these nuggets of information the company worked on extending its range of products and added the Wrap [2002] and the McCurry Pan [2003] issue that the father faced.

The Happy Price Menu came close on the heels of the marketing initiative I m Loving it which was launched in September 2003. It has been designed with the purpose of connecting McDonald’s with its customers in highly relevant and culturally significant ways around the world. The communication about this new offering is funky and funny and tells you that McDonald’s is a great place at a great price – restricted not only to the product but also extending to the experience. The new television commercials show that any excuse however small is a good enough reason to come to McDonald’s. The marketing proposition what your bahana is? speaks to customer in their language with research once again providing insights for the communication.

Over the years the campaigns have successfully helped in creating an affinity with an audience other than just families and have brought in a large number of young adults as well. Today, though McDonald’s is a family restaurant it is no longer perceived as a place of which you have only fond childhood memories.

Celebrating its 11th year in India, McDonald’s today a network of over 113 restaurants across the country and is moving from strength to strength. Its unique cold chain has brought about a veritable revolution in food handling immensely benefiting the farmers at one need and enabling customers to get the highest quality food products, absolutely fresh and at great value. McDonald’s India caters to approximately 2.75 lakh customers every single day across the country And to serve the 2.75 lakh consumers, Mc Donald’s uses 82 million buns, 66 million patties, 2.1 million liters of dairy products, 0.5 million kgs of lettuce, 0/12 million kgs of curries and 22 million liters of sauces..

In an effort to bring the Golden Arches closer to the consumer McDonald’s has also launched a home delivery service in India, with an initial investment of Rs 2 crores. The company plans a phased roll out in the region once the operations are established. The key objective for starting deliveries is to increase convenience for the customer s so as to enable them to enjoy McDonald’s products in the comfort of their homes. At the same time it aims to make hassle free and easy to use.

The concept per se, is not new, as the delivery business has been running successfully in countries like Brazil, Egypt Indonesia and Singapore. It is also in line with international strategy of growing its customer base instead of increasing the number of restaurants. Furthermore the delivery model is based on the company’s own international standards and is therefore different in some ways than other local chains. McDonald’s is the first in India to have a single toll free number which customers call to place their order, The call center determines which restaurant the order should be directed.

Internationally McDonald’s became an official sponsor of the Olympic Games in 1976 and has a long standing commitment to the Olympic Movement. At the 1968 Olympic winter games McDonald’s airlifted hamburgers to US athletes competing in Grenoble France after they reported being homesick for McDonald’s food. Since then, the company has served its menu of choice and variety to millions of athletes’ coaches, their families and fans. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games mark McDonald’s sixth Olympic Games as a Worldwide Partner and seventh as the Official Restaurant of the Olympic Games. McDonald’s current sponsorship will continue through the 2012 games in London.

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