Team building exercises

In order to retain their best talent and keep them motivated many organizations are initiating unique and innovation team building exercises.

Team building exercises have the power to engage employees and make them feel empowered.

Teaming Up

The practice: To create awareness of the HR people practices at Intelli-group the format of People Centricity Fiesta (PCF) was derived. The PCF – a week long event focuses on all the people centric practices and educates the associates through the medium of games, fun and events under the caption read participate to win. The program comprises of email contest on-Floor engagement learning activities, videos and the grand finale which is the People Centricity fest (or as some people called it – the HR meal). All in all, it’s an interesting way to learn and engage our associates. Another interesting practice is the Mick free Conference which is a unique team building game where the associates are given a product or theme and asked to have a mock press conference releasing.

Benefits: Through such initiatives the feel good factor and higher levels of engagement are attended. This fosters a positive environment and helps elevating the company brand. Also, this results in tenure continuity which means if an associate feels belonged to the company they stay longer

The tie that binds

The Practice: Accomplish Collective Excellence (ACE) is a movement under which team members of it department identify a list of problems that are hampering their productivity and prioritize the problems to be solved, at Newgen software Scientific tools are used to perform root cause analysis of problems and metrics to measure the success of results. Another interesting practice at Newgen are the prayer meetings where all members of a department get together in the morning before beginning work and hum ko man ki shakti dena… is sung by every team member singing this prayer together gives a sense of direction and ownership towards one’s goals and responsibilities

Benefits: Team building exercises have the power to engage employees and make them feel empowered. Often team members an get caught in the monotony of work. Team building activities enable participants to reinvent themselves and refresh the flow of energy within the team. Team dynamics may change due to the presence of achieving the targets and goals. Such team building activities help embers to buy their differences and improve their dynamics.

Bonding with the best

The practice: One of TERI’s unique team building initiatives is the he vision retreat which is an annual team bonding exercise with a purpose. All the research professionals participate in this event at TERI’s resort at Gurgoan. Out of box thinking requires out of box setting the lush green forest like space is an excellent setting where for day employees are asked to wear the thinking has and form TERI’s vision for the coming year. Small teams are created with a broad theme and they brainstorm eat together have fun and by the end of the day come up with some very innovative ideas.

Benefits: TERIites look forward to these occasions as these foster a friendly environment and facilitate bonding at work, complementing TERI’s flat organizational structure, which ensures a free flow of creativity; this is essential to scientific research work, which TERI undertakes.

These organizations are going that extra mile to ensure their employees form a stronger bond with the organization and with each other. Such innovation team building exercises make the workforce more motivated and committed. Are you on such organization that foster team spirit at work?

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