Goodwill Hunting

Isn’t there a certain set of employees at the workplace that could be difficult to work it? In such cases, one not only has to deal with their temperamental levels tactfully but there also arises an urgent need for HR to introduce high impact policies.

Displaying any kind of emotion at work does not have adverse effects on the productivity and this will eventually reflect on the appraisal sheet. The role of a managers is vital here, as his /her role will determine the outcome of that particular employee’s increment if the manager here could recognize the attribute earlier in his/her employees and help them move through these emotions quicker, the question of considering this as a negative impact o the increments does not even rise.

In start up companies free and open expression of an individual’s emotion helps the organization understand the areas of concern of an employee this will indirectly help the company form an engaged workforce in big companies it may be perceived as a negative attribute.

Being very expressive about one’s emotions (read negative) cane effect your manager’s decision during appraisals a you might create a negative impression by doing so. On the other hand, being completely non- expressive seldom makes a difference. However, by expressing your views and emotions in the right way might help the manager understand your issues more clearly; it will give him a clearer picture of your performance

Picture this… you have been assigned an important project by your boss that could guarantee you positive prospects if you perform well. What next? You are all set to prove your mettle to your boss by giving in your 100 percent to it. And that’s when your colleague who’s just about two to three years senior to you and has a strong influence on your boss comes and whisks away the project from you. The project was been taken away from you and your dreams come crashing down. Quite a common scenario in the corporate parlance, isn’t it? Yes, we are talking about the highly manipulative and mean spirited (read: control freak) employees at the workplace who like to call the shots.

Managing manipulative and mean spirited at the workplace is very crucial as it can damage the productivity and the overall efficiency of the organization. Organizational leaders are responsible for creating a work environment that enables people to thrive. The presence of these kinds of people in the workplace can lead to disagreements, differences of opinion and inter personal conflict.

Employees should conduct themselves professionally respect others and contribute to a productive environment and stress free workplace. The management should work with staff to create a clear understanding of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. They should also encourages employees to immediately report any sort of internal conflicts for timely intervention of the management and reduce the aggravation that results from one to more manipulative people at the workplace. An effective way is to send such employees to behavioral labs where they get a safe environment. Some very senior leaders breaking down in such workshops and admitting to the fact that they never realized the extent of havoc they were creating thus causing distress to other. A written feedback works effectively if they are followed up with a development and coaching plan.

Supervisors should be trained to deal with any kind of manipulative behavior at work, and in case they are unable to do so, then the same should be escalated immediately. a typical process starts wt making an employee aware of his/her behavior and its impact on others . Thee employee can also be counseled on ways to introduce changes in his /her behavior. In case the employee persists with the same unacceptable behavior a verbal; warning should be issued followed by a written warning which can also lead to disciplinary action including termination.