Engineered and MBA Aspirations

In today’s scenario what you have probably learnt five years ago becomes outdated and at times even obsolete hence, be prepared for continuous learning.

Aspirants need to have a keen eye for process improvement and a passion to serve the customer.

The economy is back in shape and positive trends can be observed in different sectors of India Inc today. The engineering manufacturing and construction sectors too are looking up and have witnessed a good amount of growth in the recent past. This positive development has paved the way for aspirants looking at exploring the various opportunities these sectors have in store.

Talking about how engineering, manufacturing and construction sectors are faring at this point in time. The industry accounts for 28 percent of the GDP and employs 14 percent of the total workforce. During the period of the slowdown, it was these sectors primarily that helped India merge quicker than the rest of the world.

The brick and mortar industry saw stability not only during the downturn, but also emerged stronger and is an active contributor to the mergence of the Indian Tiger The government’s focus on improving the infrastructure has given an impetus to this industry . Also, as a growth economy, the FDI flowing in from major MNCs overall has given strong fillip to this sector.

On a hiring spree

It is great news that things are looking bright and positive in this sector. So, how has this impacted the hiring scenario here? Positive growth trends have encouraged companies within this sector to accelerate the expansion plans and therefore we see an upswing in hiring.

Hiring has almost gone back to the same state as it was before the slowdown because we are anticipating an affair amount of growth. Since companies are also expanding into newer areas, specific for these new areas are also being hired. Hiring is taking place across all levels. There are opportunities or freshers as well as experienced people.

The hiring tend in these industries is relatively higher than the previous years. The focus has actually move from products to providing complete solutions to the customers Many companies have set up and are also in the process of initiating exclusive outlets for services to customers. It has become extremely important for organizations to not only hire the right talent, but also retain the existing talent population that they have.

An ocean of opportunities

With things looking absolutely bright in the future, an ocean of opportunities has opened up for aspirants and fresh engineering graduates seeking a career in this industry. Talking about the kind of career prospects available in this sector today, firms are able to offer a multitude of roles depending on the clarity of the career aspirations. After a year training on the job — we can offer careers in sales, projects, services, R&D field engineering supply chain quality technical training etc.

Fresh engineering graduates actually bring with them technical skills, aptitude for research ad development, problem solving ability and thereby have very strong prospects in the market. Most organizations in this sector while hiring for people in finance and HR, try and look at a flavor of engineering in them.

The engineering manufacturing and construction sector are considered to be the backbone of the economy and is intricately linked with umpteen other core sectors for its demand. In fact, this industry helped a great deal in the recovery of India from the economic slump. The future hence, is only looking brighter So, if you are amongst those who want to make it big in this industry gear up and pull up your socks, as this just the beginning to a fulfilling future.

Fourteen thousand MBA seats are lying vacant in institutes in Karnataka. The trend is not very different in the rest of India.

Management colleges, even the reputed ones, are increasingly finding it difficult to enroll students to their MBA programs. This is because a mere MBA degree is no more a sure formula for employment. Many MBA graduates are still struggling for jobs.

GEMS B school a Bangalore based business school, with campuses in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mysore, Pondicherry Hosur and Tirupur offers a unique first of its kind MBA program. Students of this course are offered a job in a multinational company as soon as they join the course.

Students work full time in a company from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays the student studies in the GEMS B school campus. At the end of two years the student gets a full time International MBA with two years of work experience. The job is related to the specialization chosen by the student such as marketing, finance, HR etc, The student acquires practical experience of the course for five days and classroom exposure for two days.

Students of GEMS B school are employed in companies like Accenture, Axis Bank, ANZ, Deutche bank, HSBC, HDFC, DELL, HP, Emphasis, Infosys, Volvo, Wipro etc. in full time positions.

The institute is an authorized university academy partner of SAP Germany and students can also pursue SAP, ERP certification along with their MBA.

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