Dealing with demons at work

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Cases on harassments get recorded and actions are taken on them. But there are situations where voicing the truth might not lead to justice. An attempt to report a case would end up in power plays and further emotional harassment for the employee. We are aware of the legal guidance and support offered by the Government in such a situation. Here we intend to understand is, how such a situation can be dealt emotionally and intellectually prior to reporting such a case with the legal authorities . We share few coping skills to such tricky situations irrespective of the gender :

Speak objectively: When expressing and setting boundaries, please make specific comments free of emotional remark. If you are not comfortable being called ‘dear ‘ specifies it and mention the name you wish to be addressed with.

Set an alarm from the grapevine: Most of the issues can be dealt early if noticed. The rumour need not be believed, but certainly kept in mind to substantiate with data. We do agree that rumours can get fuelled from a personal rift or enmity. Yet if there are many employees talking consistently about a leader, it needs to consider without keeping any biases.

Early warning signs: It’s important that the changes in the behaviour is noticed , such as if the colleague or the senior shows indifference in public yet is exceptionally nice in private. Certain initiative such as dropping one home can be completely unintended. But repeated incident of arranging meeting towards the end of the office hours and dragging it to ensure the employee stays late, becomes a matter of concern.

Watch yourself: Though researches prove that outfit or behaviour may not always result in such reaction .Yet non-verbal cues such as a warm behaviour and a good sense of humour can be deciphered completely in a different direction.

Focus on the solution: All we need is to be able to work better and have a better career. Hence rather than killing or managing the demon, staying focussed at our work. It would keep us contained .Every problem taken its own time to resolve. Hence sustaining till the tipping point is itself a part of the solutions.

Reporting to more than one boss: If an employee finds themselves in such a situation, it helps to take up initiatives and assignment which will require reporting to multiple bosses. It would help the professional to learn more about the job and gain visibility. Moreover it would slowly negate the veto power which the boss earlier had on the employee.

Network, be in public view: Often people who are reclusive and appear aloof are more likely to face the demons. Though at times people who have are in public view might get targeted because of jealousy. But then that’s gets quickly sorted out, as there is a huge network support and popular sentiments at play.

Document: If you are being sent a mail which is unacceptable, make sure you keep a copy. You never know it was done intentionally. Watch out if it happens again. That would explain, if it was intentional or not.

For HR’s it’s important to stay vigilant and apply measures such as glass walls, cameras and screening of emails on request. The senior leaders who grow strong often lose empathy and become adamant. It may intimidate employees and keep them from lodging any complaint. Furthermore when a case is reported, it needs to be well managed. It will set precedent to the future employee, hence handled fairly justified manner. Confidence would be built among the employees with the actions taken and its after-effects on the employee.

The solution to situations like this lies in realising them early and building confidence in the employee facing them. Vigilance and support from the leaders who care to make the work place a meaningful place impacts it in the long run.

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