Workplace design

A robust employee engagement programs figures on the top of every organization’s HR agenda today. But a few of them tend to ignore the external factors that are essential towards ensuring employee motivation. One of them is office space management which is most neglected concern in corporate India today.

Imagine working in an office that is gloomy unstructured and without any personality. What would your mindset be if you were to work in such a kind of an office setting? An office is a place where working professionals spend a good deal of his /her time during the day. They se the same interiors every single day, day in and day out so attention should be given in the way the office space is designed and maintained. There should be a distinct characteristics that should be reflected in the office space, which gives one a sense of belonging and cheer to the employees working there. Investing money in simple well planned interiors will quickly transform mundane or faded areas into high impact ones. Fresh paint, integrating new or refurbished furniture, improving task or accent lighting and defining spaces with area rugs and seasonal plants are some examples Office space management gives a positive impact in terms of low absenteeism reduces employee turnover increases productivity and more. Decorating an office space or office space management as the professionals prefer to call it, can be a delicate balancing act. On one hand, you want your office space to be inviting and pleasant for both, employees and visitors while on the other hand, it must remain professional in look and feel. Office space management is gaining importance with the Indian organizations today, as they realize it is another step towards ensuring employee engagement. When the office environment is welcoming and unique, employees feel a sense of happiness when reporting to work everyday.

Today’s the physical workplace design is one of the top three factors which affect performance and job satisfaction. The prime factors that affects the productivity of employees is lighting in the office. It gives a sense of energy and affects the mood of the employees.

Organizations can strive to make their office a healthy and comfortable workplace by using accessories that make the place approachable. Proper lighting and a functional design to minimize discomfort and distraction can help employees work more productively. After all, wouldn’t it be fun coming to colorful office as opposed to a Boring one, right?

Gone forward the needs of the industry are changing. On one hand our domestic business is going to grow. So we have to develop a multi-tier structure were the large companies work with medium and small sized companies who are specialized in that area. The other is when you look at global markets many new changes are taking place. India Inc is becoming global, setting up operations globally and is hiring foreigners. So, there is a mindset change that is required. As we are going up, the requirements of the customer are also changing. So, we have to develop domain expertise and pick up contextual knowledge of the customer.

Well, they have a very significant role and they are not alone HR traditionally is very operational in our industry because it’s not a support function and it’s an in line function here.

If HR made to understand what changes lie ahead and once they know the changes they are the ones who sometimes initiate change.

Most innovations happen when there is a realization that there is a change required. It is the need for that urgency of change that is to be brought in. A lot of innovation is taking place at the HR front, especially in terms of retention strategies. But the biggest innovation that has happened has been in the field of training.

They come from a very different mindset. They have grown in a different environment. Today, the more senior of our work force has actually seen two worlds whereas today’s youngsters have seen a very different world. So the biggest issue is what is of their interest that we can engage them with.