A friend or colleague unpleasant at work place

Many experts say that friendship and business do not mix. We will discuss the pros and cons of being friends with your boss.

Talking about how good is the idea of becoming friends with your boss, Niret Alva cofounder an executive chairman Miditech Pvt Ltd opines don’t think this is something that you can legislate. It depends a lot on the chemistry and the kind of people you and your boss are having said that most bosses would like to be treated with friendly respect.

According to CEO, Netxcell Liited Synergy is best seen when there is a certain amount of trust comfort and camaraderie shared between people. Being a good friend with your boss means that you are able to work in an ecosystem that is conducive to open communication and constructive feedback.

Since boss knows your strengths and weaknesses very well, appropriate assignments will be delegated. As you are exposed to his / her style of working your learning curve shortens considerably you gain access to each other’s network and always have the open option of sharing any genuine concern. But as in the case with all other relationships a strong friendships between the boss and his /her subordinate does have a flipside

The disadvantage is that it’s not likely to be an equal relationship. Where does friendship end and work begin? Will you take things personally even if the boss is ticking you off professionally? Here’s no easy answer. Some employees start taking the liberty and misusing the freedom given tot hem. The employee starts taking work for granted which leads to decreases performance.

The major disadvantages come in two flavors — one due to perception and the other due to misuse of rank Good projects /accounts being given to handle genuine efforts / talent being recognized ad rewarded usually are dismissed by others as based or favoritism So what should be the best approach to maintain a friendly relationship? Raj Menon COO, Conetstg2win.com feels that one should remember to never crossed boundaries. That is the most difficult part to manage as boundaries are relative. What is appropriate for some may not be for the other. Also, remember to be professional and compartmentalize your life – if you went out drinking with the boss the pervious night, it’s important to turn up at work on time. Never gossip about your colleagues or reveal their personal matters.

Some colleagues are just too painful to handle. If they have been giving you grief all this while, now is your turn to call the shots. Read on to find out how you can effectively get them off your back:

Swine flu can create as much fear as the Taliban. Just pretend that you seem to have caught the H1N1 bug. Sneeze and cough often, and make sure the droplets fall on your colleague. We are sure they will run for their lives.

Every time an unwanted colleague comes to chat you up, get up and start talking to your boss or anyone else. If you make this a habit, they won’t bother you much longer.

Sound boring: You colleagues are drawn to you because they find you interesting. Burst the bubble now. Start talking about random things like squids and octopus, 14th century mathematics your passion for creating rangoli etc. They’ll be bored out of their skills.

If you hit hard to sound boring yourself, pretend as though you find the other person boring. Yawn frequently and keep dropping your head as though you were about to doze off. You won’t see your colleagues again.

Unavailable always: When the unwanted colleague comes around, act as if you are knee deep in work. Start typing furiously, scream an instruction at a team member and sigh often. If the person tries to make small talk, just give him/her a blank stare as though you are doped. That should do the trick.

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