Targets and beyond

As the corporate scenario gets increasingly competitive it seems like simply meeting performance expectations isn’t enough. The new mantra is to do more, do better and achieve more. Suddenly the concern isn’t about how to meet corporate targets but how to exceed them. A few years ago, your targets were defined and if you achieved them, you could well be satisfied. The aim was to consistently achieve those specified targets. Now, the scenario has changed. The thrust is on outperforming the numbers. However, no one is quite sure how much and how much to raise the bar by. Essentially even targets and goals have become subjective.

Planning pays

If your aim is to outperform your targets, make that part of your big picture. Plunge into the month or the week telling yourself that you will exceed and excel – don’t let it be a matter of chance.

Think backwards – figure out where you want to be, and then work in reverse to make it possible. Plan on both a macro and a micro level. Envision where you want to be at the end of time period and then find out what you need to do on daily basis to get there. Be sure to give your plan some flexibility allow for emergencies and unplanned events.

It’s important to know yourself well. Understand how much you are able of completing in a given time period, and be true to that. Don’t over inflate your aimed targets, because that is self defeating. Your goals should be challenging yet attainable.

Motivation Measures

It also helps to write down your goals physically.
X writes down his daily and cumulative targets on my whiteboard at work. Always having it in sight is a huge motivator. Ensure that your targets are specific and measurable leave no room for ambiguity. Quantify the performance you expect from yourself. This will help you measure and track your progress.

It’s important to stay motivated consistently. So reward yourself every step of the way. Since you have already divided your primary targets into smaller more manageable parts, reward yourself every time you achieve one of those. Needless to say, the key is to work on a consistent basis. Working in creative spurts may help you achieve targets. But when your mission s to outdo your targets, you have no option but to be constantly on the ball.

Network and connect

If you are truly looking at outdoing your targets, there is little chance that you can do it by yourself. Speak to colleagues senior’s teammates. Network connect discuss. It can be very helpful to know what they did and whether it worked for them. The experience and advice of seniors especially can be particularly help.

Performance pointers

Part of outperforming your target is evaluating where you faltered the last time, and how to improve upon that. Additionally try and tweak your plans and track your progress as you go along. Plans are made in advance and may not always old good in the future. Monitor constantly what changes are happening in the internal and external environment. Keep tabs on what strategy is working and what is not.

Outperforming your targets will require you to be bold, creative and do things differently. Seldom are targets excelled by being conservative and safe. Take intelligent risks and be creative in your plans.

Value add

Even if it’s not possible to outdo your target in itself, work on adding value to yourself in other ways. Show you boss that you can achieve your targets and give more to organization as well. Mr.Y is one to take part actively in CSR activities. The main motive is to show the organization that you are working beyond your call of duty.

Ultimately remember that if you do not manage to outdo your target, all hope should not be lost. Work harder, better and smarter next time – every day is a new day. Just remember that doing what you are expected to do is not always enough. Go beyond!