HR and Social Media

In a global and connected economy where the workplace extends beyond the boundaries of a cubicle or office building, human interaction is the key building block in the workforce of the future. One person collaborating with another across geographical and hierarchical boundaries can create the kind of innovation that differentiates a successful company from one that is destined to be a distant memory.

One happy employee who blogs or tweets about her experience can, in turn, inspire others to change their jobs or their companies and one workplace at a time, the most valuable assets of future economic development will change the way we do business and by extension the world around them.


At a basic level, HR professionals should be present in social media, making sure that they are leveraging Twitter, face book, Orkut, and Linkedin to assist in recruiting and sourcing new talent. They should be mining the networks of their existing talent to create a pipeline for the future. Being present means more than just Tweeting job postings ; It means being a part of the conversation in an authentic way that creates the kind of brand perception that makes someone say ‘I want to work for that company’.

Employment Branding:

Company and employment brand are one and the same in this new world. Employees who are empowered and engaged to be brand ambassadors will bring an authentic element to your corporate image. No advertising campaign or branding initiative can replace one person having a genuine conversation with another especially when the circumstances of that person’s influence extend well beyond the limits of a newspaper ad or television commercial. Organizations who wish to be successful in this new world needed to understand how to leverage social media not only in running their marketing programs but also in engaging and cultivating the talent within their organizations.

Every company is different and what makes one company’s social media strategy a booming success might be the death knell to another. As with anything the social media strategy should be aligned with the business strategy. While there are numerous approaches to using social media to support the strategic and tactical work of HR, there are some basic tenets that can help virtually any organization make the most of these tools.

Ten tips for leveraging Social media for talent Management:

1) Make your employees brand ambassadors understand that the corporate and employees brand are one and same.
2) Encourage authentic and transparent communication in corporate communications. Embrace the spirit social media as a tool for connecting people and personalities in place of empty and life less memorandums.
3) Be judicious with social media policies. Your policy should be focused more on empowering your employees than on restricting them,
4) Be part of the conversation. Understand the basic premise of social media PR management and be ready to respond if your employment brand is attacked or at risk.
5) Use social media to share important information but make sure that communications is a two way and takes advantage of the capabilities of the medium.
6) Use social media to uncover talent within your talent. Does someone have a gift or capability that has not been leveraged and remains hidden behind their current job description?
7) Use social media to source passive talent finding people who are not necessarily looking to make a move but who might be the perfect fit for your organization.
8) Maintain an effective employee alumni network with social media. Welcome someone back to the organization who might have left to pursue an opportunity with another organization leveraging the diversity of experience that may have led to significant growth in that individual
9) Redefine learning and development within your organization using social media to create a more collaborative learning environment
10) Cultivate collaboration across divisions and management levels within your organization by empowering employees to form groups and open discussions on social networking platforms that focus on solving specific problems or experimenting with new ideas.

The future>>>

The field of HR and the tools of social media are in a state of constant change and convergence. Social media is at its core, about people. Arguably the most important assets in the new global economy are people. HR has a responsibility to bring the two together and ensure that their organizations are on a track to sustained growth. What we know today about HR and Social Media have become hygiene factors for many entering the workforce for the first time. What we recognize as the innovations of the day, they find to be commonplace and expected. The boundaries between the personal and professional have blended and become less clear, creating an entirely new sets of expectations for tomorrow’s talent. Tapping into social media to recruit and retain talent, engage employees and create a culture of innovation is just beginning.