Reference Checks

We often tend to believe some of the exaggerated promises advertisements make right? But, as job seekers if you thought it was that easy to pretend to be better than who you really are, think again.

Do you relate to these statements? Once I take up a task. I do not sleep or eat until it’s completed or reject my candidature and you will know what you have lost? VP SP Labs India while interviewing candidates had to put up with such proclamations. Overselling credentials and downplaying weaknesses have been common practices.

However recruiters do reference checks before rolling out the offer letters to ensure there aren’t any distortions in the profiles. Many interviewers can draw a parallel to a fable where a fox poured some dye on its skin to change its color and enjoyed the benefits of it for sometime. But, when it rained its true color got exposed. Similarly a candidate cold gets lucky by overselling. However, he/she run a greater risk later because he/she has created higher expectations.

I have acted more as a backup to my manager whenever he was not in town and took the lead to guide team members. I am managing a team of xxx people or I am dedicated and can do anything which you ask me to do. This attribute of mine has helped me to over achieve my targets every quarter,. Would an HR manger hire candidates that make such claims and what if he/she gets hired and secrets are revealed much later? In Global Logic we follow two ways of handling such cases. One is to find an alternate fitment where the skills set matches with the job requirement, else the person is put on a Preferences Improvement Plan (PIP) of two months where grooming and guidance are extended to such resources. Based on the assessment decision is taken, either to cancel the PIP process or take a call on parting ways.

Different job roles require different core competencies and a one size fits all resume doesn’t always work So, for instance if a job requires you to have great interpersonal skills and a command over the English Language the resume must reflect thee pointers in terms of skills acquired through previous experience and qualifications. Other skills can be mentioned but downplayed in comparison.

Therefore, it’s not illegal to tweak one’s resume. But sooner or later you will get caught?

N narrates an episode wherein he had to deal with fake candidates / employees and face severe repercussions. We were hiring for a senior management position and came across an impressive resume. And during interviews too, the candidate left a positive impression. One of the pitfalls we fall into while hiring is getting carried away because several candidates are blessed with the gift of the gab. You go largely with your gut feel and hire. That is what a panel of five senior folks (including me) did. Once hired we encountered issues w.r.t his competencies and inability to understand the market dynamics and people issues and eventually it began impacting our delivery capability due to a few wrong, ill timed decisions that put his people management skills under the radar. While reflecting back on what went wrong we realized we got so carried away with his persuasive skills that we failed to look deeper on his people management capabilities. We remembered some of the statements he made w.r.t people management programs he attended and how he took care of his people, etc during the interview. He simply said everything the panel wanted to hear, that was a smart move. But once aboard there is no way you can hide what one claims to have done in the past, needs to demonstrate what they claim to have done.