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Today, a hefty pay packet isn’t the only parameter that drives employee engagement.

According to experts the career aspiration of today’s employees are not just limited to a hefty pay packet or some extra perks. In tune with the employee aspirations organizations today offer career development opportunities through several training programs. Also, by helping their employees identify their career goals and enhancing their skill sets to grow up to the aspired level, firms are trying to achieve just to above.

Broadridge Financial Solutions (India) Private Limited has an initiative called ABLE [attract , Build, lead, engage] The focus of ABLE is to attract the best talent, develop and retain them through the company’s strategic career path program which lays a lot of emphasis on conceptualizing your objectives measuring your performance and adding on your skills for success their helps each associate to move in the right direction towards their aspirations.

On similar lines Logica India runs a program for leadership development among employees. COMPASS is a program designed to enhance the capabilities of first line managers to handle business and people effectively. This program is a combination of classroom and self learning projects that nurture relevant managerial skills in its first line mangers. C Bay Systems has initiated Career Pathing and Development (CPD) program to provide career progression for production employees. It is performance based systems through which employees are encouraged to grow, develop and shine by providing them with the right opportunities, encouragement and guidance. All trained employees perform par excellence and contribute positively to the business performance of the company.

These programs create a win–win situation for both, the employees and employers. Such well defined career progression policies not only motivate employees to set higher standards of excellence but also assist in controlling attrition levels, as employees know before hand the KRAs he /she needs to achieve. Such mutually rewarding goal setting techniques also enable them to be better engaged with their colleagues. However experts caution that the benefits of such career progression initiatives could be reaped only through long term commitment towards a organization and an unrelenting passion to learn and excel at work.