Personal Relationships @ Workplace– Harmful??

Relationships at the workplace can create problems but there are companies who invariably try to augment office romances as one of the tools of retention, but without knowing that the results of such office romances or other relationships may always not be fruitful.

Bonds are formed over meetings , deadlines and projects. However, how are office relationships different? What is the acceptable social conduct? The questions are many.

Lets be Friends!!!!

It is important to find friends in your colleagues. Having someone to laugh with by the coffee machine can make the workplace so much more fun! Further, studies have shown that having a best friend at work boosts the employee’s job satisfaction, productivity and teamwork. It’s only natural that friendships will bloom at the workplace. You have to constantly work with your colleagues as a team and cover for one another continuously. Plus, there are so many common grouses to share!

Being friends is one thing, but being overfriendly is another. Do not divulge secrets, intimate stories or anything that can be used against you on a professional level. At the end of the day, you need to maintain certain levels of formal behaviour at the workplace. Remember that everyone wants to make career advances and friendships are secondary. Beware of backbiting, bitching and professional treachery.

It is also not advisable to limit yourself to being friends with just a few colleagues. Managers prefer employees who are sociable with everyone. After all, there may be projects that require the employee to work with colleagues who fall outside his/ her social circle.

Where there’s friendship, there has got to be gossip. Office gossip is a favorite workplace activity, but can get dangerous as well. Don’t initiate gossip; try not to get drawn into bitching sessions. You never know how these things go around. Newcomers to an organisation should stay away from gossip at all costs. Further, never gossip on email or any other permanent medium. And keep your voice down in common areas like washrooms!

Social networking websites have further complicated workplace friendships. While the unwritten codes may differ from office to office, it is better to tread carefully when connecting with colleagues online. They may not want to reveal their personal lives to you; respect this fact.

Stupid Cupid

“Dating on the job is like eating at your desk: Invariably, it’s going to get messy,”

The workplace is the new neighborhood. People spend an enormous amount of time in the office, and if romance is going to happen, it will happen there. With the average age of marriage increasing, young employees are more likely to be single. As women continue to join the workforce and rise through the ranks, they are more likely than ever to be working shoulder to shoulder with men.

What do you do when cupid strikes at the workplace? Whether you are dating a co-worker, a superior or a subordinate, chances are that you will find yourself in a sticky situation.

It is important to be discreet about your relationship at the workplace. Being in love is the best thing, but you must conceal these emotions at office. Keep physical contact to a minimum. Resist the urge to discuss your relationship with co-workers. It doesn’t take long for such news to spread, which cause unnecessary blushes.

Monitor your interactions with your love interest carefully. Remember, you will be under constant scrutiny from co-workers.

The Heart Breaks:

Even more complicated is how to handle a break-up with a colleague. While awkwardness is only natural, do your best to keep interactions cordial yet impersonal. Don’t go out of your way to avoid your ex-partner. Workplace break-ups can be quite disruptive, personally, no doubt about that. But what raises a grave concern is that such break ups can be harmful for one’s career as well. There are a number of instances when one has had to give up a lucrative job because of a break up with a colleague. No wonder then, that most seasoned professionals always advise to keep professional and personal lives separate.

Office Gossips

Irrespective of how unbiased you are, people will talk. Not to forget office gossip! Although a couple may be absolutely committed to each other, office gossip can definitely take a toll on the most sincere relationship especially in the case of relationships across managerial levels; there will be constant accusations of favoritism. Keep a cool head and laugh it off if you know it’s not true. Be warm and cordial with your partner at the workplace, but not overly expressive or flirtatious. At the same time, there is no need to be aloof and cold either.

Dating a co-worker needn’t mean that you drift apart from the rest of the team. Often, couples become so engrossed in each other that they forget their other workplace relationships. Further, colleagues may brand the couple as asocial and unapproachable.
Be it professional or personal, relationships in the workplace are inevitable. It is very important to portray the right image in office as that can ensure one’s success. On the other hand, getting embroiled in an emotional relationship and inability to handle it can spell disaster for one’s career.

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