Family brand or umbrella brand


When a group of products are given the same brand name, it becomes a case of family brand/umbrella brand. In this case, different products of the company are marketed under one brand name. The examples given below are details of some family brands.

Family branding/umbrella do not mean that entire product mix of the company should go under single brand name. A company may resort to different branding approaches for different product lines.
Amul is an example of family/umbrella brand. Amul is the common brand name for the company’s milk powder, butter, ghee and milk chocolates.

Vijay is the family brand name for the products of Vijay Electricals, Mixer-grinders, electric irons, electric kettles, water heaters and other products of the company go under the ‘Vijay’ brand.

Videocon is a family brand name for a variety of products of Videocon Corporation. Its TVs, VCRs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners go under the Videocon brand name.

Godrej is another family brand. Several product lines of the company and several products in each of the lines go under the brand name Godrej. The products include locks, steel cupboards, office furniture electronic typewriters, desktop printers, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. The company also uses separate brand names for some other lines. In soaps, it has individual brands like Cinthol and Ganga. In detergents, it has individual brands like key and Biz.

Johnson’s is another family brand. The company Johnson & Johnson sells many of its baby care products under the Johnson’s brand name — Johnson’s Baby Powder, Johnson’s Baby soap, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo etc.

BPL is another noteworthy family brand about five dozen products of the company go under the brand name BPL. It also happens to be the company name.

In the case of Amul, it is an umbrella /family brand name for one line of products of the company. As mentioned earlier, Amul is an umbrella brand for NDDB’s milk and milk-related and milk-related products. And Dhara is an umbrella brand for the company’s cooking oil line. Dhara is an umbrella brand for seven types of oil marketed by the company — Dhara mustard oil, Dhara groundnut oil, Dhara sunflower oil etc.

Benefits of Family branding

It is convenient to adopt a family brand for related products. Promotion of such products becomes easier and less expensive under a family brand. But the marketer in such cases has to ensure that all the products offered under the family brand maintain the same standards of quality. If one product in the group becomes a low quality product, it will affect the entire range of products under it. In other words, in family branding, there is a composite responsibility among the products coming under the brand.

A major benefit in giving family brand name is that advertising and promotion effort can be combined for all the products falling under the family brand; the advertising budget can be stretched over several over several products. For example, Johnson and Johnson, with a wide product range in the baby care segment and medicare segment runs an ad campaign every year to promote its products. The same campaign takes care of all diverse products of the company. It is the Johnson’s brand name that is advertised ad all the products get covered. The campaign lasting for new months every year ensures high recall value for all Johnson & Johnson products. Another advantage is that under family branding, new product launch becomes easier and cheaper. New products would enjoy a ready recognition and market set-up retailers too would find it easier to push new products under a popular ongoing brand name.

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