Making gadgets travel proof


Traveling today has turned into some sort of a nightmare especially for technology enthusiasts or professionals. Thanks to the heightened security and restrictions on what you may and may not carry onboard flights, passengers have to pack their electronic gadgets in their check-in baggage.

The thought of precious gadgets suffering abuse in the hands of baggage handlers is scary. But if packed smartly, there’s every chance that these gadgets will survive the travel hell.

Laptops are best left at home. But if one has to carry the precious laptops one should make sure it is placed inside a bubble wrap and packed in the middle of the suitcase with a thick wad of clothes surrounding it. This will absorb shocks. The same goes for a cell phone.

When there is a need to check in the phone, pocket the SIM card. This way, the traveler will be able to access contacts and retain the same number, even if the phone gets damaged or is lost.

It’s a good idea to pack battery chargers and accessories separately from gadgets. These can create quite a tangle if dumped in the middle of a suitcase. This tangle might at times set off the alarm at the airport scanners an embarrassment that one can do without while traveling.

Don’t dump everything in one big bag. Try using a separate bag for gadgets. The best thing would be to pack the gadgets—MP3 players, cell phone, camera—in a small padded bag, which can then go into a larger bag for extra protection and easy handling.

Despite all the precautions, there is no ruling out accidents. So it’s best to be ready with backups. Take a copy of vital data and leave it at safe place at home. If traveling on business, carry all your important data (client presentations and such) on a thumb drive or a portable hard drive. A better method is mail it to self so as to have an online digital copy. Same goes for the data on smart phones and cell phones. Before traveling with a cell phone, back up all the contacts from the phone memory to the SIM and then use a SIM card backup device to make a copy of all contacts, which can be left at home.