Valuing diversity while recruiting


Diversity covers a wide variety of issues including communicating with employees whose first language is not English. Helping a diverse team cope with conflict, learning which rewards are valued by different groups, and dealing with discrimination. A manager can improve handling of diversity issues by following these behaviors:

1. Embrace diversity:

Successfully valuing diversity starts with accepting the principle of multiculturalism. Accept the value of diversity for its own sake not simply because you have to. The acceptance must be reflected in actions and words.

2. Recruit broadly:

When you have job openings, work to get a diverse applicant pool. Avoid relying on referrals from current employees, since this tends to produce candidates similar to existing work force. An exception is that if the present workforce is fairly diversified then there is no harm in accepting referrals from current employees.

3. Select fairly:

Make sure your selection process does not discriminate. Particularly ensure that selection tests are job related.

4. Provide orientation and training:

Making the transition from outsider to insider can be particularly difficult for non-traditional employees.

5. Sensitize all employees:

Encourage all employees to embrace diversity. Provide diversity training to help all employees see the value in diversity.

6. Strive to be flexible:
Part of valuing diversity is recognizing that different groups have different needs and values. Be flexible in accommodating employee requests.

7. Seek to motivate individually:

A manager or the superior must be aware of the back ground, cultures, and values of employees. The motivation factors for a full time working mother to support her two young children are different from the needs of a young, single, part-time employee or an older employee who is working to supplement his or her retirement income.

8. Reinforce employee differences:

Encourage employees to embrace and value diverse views. Create traditions and ceremonies that promote diversity. Celebrate diversity by accentuating its positive aspects. But also be prepared to deal with the challenges of diversity such as mistrust, miscommunication, and lack of cohesiveness, attitudinal differences and stress.

In the current scenario in metro cities and corporate companies there are very few problems with minority or traditional sector of employees are treated differently. For that matter ot does not reflect in the working at all making the manager’s task more easy. We can say differential treatment continues in the government sector due to political orientations and it is not the minority or backward but majority and so called forward classes are the sufferers. This also must be eliminated and only one class must get the support that is ‘economically backward’ class belonging to minorities, all castes and creed.