Organization’s career development responsibilities


The boundary less career may redirect the primary responsibilities of career management to employees this does not mean the organizations have no responsibility. In the boundary less career, the organization’s responsibility is to build employee self-reliance and to help employees maintain their marketability through continual learning. The organization needs to provide support for employees to continually add to their skills, abilities, and to their knowledge. The support includes:

1. Clearly communicating the organization’s goals and future strategies:

When people know where the organization is headed, they
are better equipped to develop a personal plan to share in
that future.

2. Creating growth opportunities:

Employees should have the opportunity to get new
interesting and professionally challenging work experience.

3. Offering financial assistance:

The Organization should offer tuition reimbursement to help
employees keep up with current updates in management
and technology.

4. Providing the time for employees to learn:

Organizations should be generous in providing paid time off
from work for off-the-job training. In addition work loads
should not be so demanding that they preclude employees
from having the time to develop new skills, abilities and

For example the Information Technology company in India Wipro has on site learning centers, where employees have unlimited access to personal development and educational books and periodicals, Videotapes and software. Unisys Corporation maintains a career website that helps employees assess their strengths and weaknesses, receive coaching and monitor their progress.

An Australian leading Real estate company’s all 4500 employees of “Lend Lease� receive $1000 annually to spend on a variety of professional development activities including computer training and life planning coaching.

In practice there may be very few organizations so professional to show so much dedication towards employees as mentioned above. If so the employees will also dedicate themselves reasonably for a longer time in the organization until the time there are absolutely no opportunities for growth.