Extending brand name to products


Here the brand name is extended over different products, but the products are related in some way. In other words, they belong to a category. Dettol can be cited a an example.

For years Dettol has been well known brand of antiseptic loton. When the company Reckit & Colman decided to expand into new antiseptic products, they decided to launch them under the Dettol brand name that is brand extension in related category. They felt that it would enable the new products to gain immediate identification as sister products of Dettol and they would easily move under Dettol name. The Dettol brand name was extended to a number of related products as shown below:

Dettol Soap — antiseptic soap
Dettol Plaster — antiseptic bandage
Dettol Handwash — antiseptic wash

It can be seen that all the above belong to the same category — antiseptic formulation. They share a common property /expertise: antiseptic.

Line extensions and category extensions by Pond’s:

· Pond’s dream flower talc
· Pond’s dream flower talc magic
· Pond’s Sandal talc
· Pond’s Dream flower Soap
· Pond’s Cold soap
· Pond’s Face wash
· Pond’s Cold cream
· Pond’s Complexion Defense moisturizer
· Pond’s Moisturizing lotion
· Pond’s Dream flower moisturizing body lotion
· Pond’s moisturizing cleaning bar

Extending Brand name to Products in an unrelated Line:

Here, the Brand name is extended across completely new and unrelated products falling under altogether different product categories. It is here that brand extension is put to the severest test and the value of the brand is leveraged to the maximum. In other words it is when a brand name is extended to products in unrelated lines that the reward, as well as the risk, is the maximum. The reward arises from the substantial savings in the cost and time involved in developing altogether new brand. And the risk is on account of the chances of customers rejecting the extension as an inconsistent one.

In case of Videocon they started with Television and extended their brand name to other unrelated products like Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air conditioners etc., which are not related to televisions. However these products are well accepted by consumers as Brand extensions.

In customer’s perception there must be consistency between the parent brand and the extensions. Extension should be in the brand’s area of expertise so that there is scope for leverage.