A growing number of Indians become particular about their looks, the demand for trained cosmetologists who can give them that impeccable appearance is on the rise.

Cosmetology is a popular way of enhancing one’s physical beauty by means of cosmetic and natural products. It is the science of beautifying and improving one’s complexion, skin, hair and nails Cosmetic treatments at times also involve medical treatments and surgical procedures.

A cosmetologist includes everyone from aestheticians to beauticians to those who offer make up analysis and advice on cosmetic electrolysis, facials or any skin and hair related queries.

Skills speak

A cosmetologist needs to be aware of the various cosmetic products available as well as possess knowledge of beauty treatments. He /she should be able to deal with people and have a desire to help others improve their appearance. A cosmetologist must understand the client’s needs, be able to maintain schedule and have the ability work long hours. Other key must haves are the ability to convince others and the patience to deal with various kinds of people. Last but not the least, cosmetologists should be well groomed and have good skin.

Course Connect:

Medical cosmetology>>

A large number of doctors such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, General practitioners as well as dental surgeons are now entering the field of cosmetology. Medical students keen on entering this field need to pursue a Diploma in Cosmetology after completing their MBBS or MD (Dermatology).

A medical background and a qualification in cosmetology can help one conduct advanced treatments. Some of the more popular treatments are laser hair removal, anti-ageing treatments like botox and fillers and skin rejuvenation treatments like chemical peels. A medical cosmetologist is an MBBS doctor with a qualification in cosmetology. Thus, they are doctors involved in diagnosis, treatments, writing prescriptions as well as undertaking aesthetic treatments.

General Cosmetology>>

A person without a medical background can pursue a Diploma in Cosmetology post class 12. The duration of these diplomas, offered at a number of institutes varies from six months to two years. Having said that, it is a fact that a medical background can help you immensely. Medical graduates are better equipped than beauticians to succeed in this industry. In beauty school, aestheticians / beauticians are taught about common skin disorders and conditions like acne, rosacea and pigmentation cannot be diagnosed and this is where a medical degree gives you an edge over non medical students.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. There is always something new in terms of research and treatment every few months. Hence the greatest challenge for professionals both with and without a medical background is to be updated about all the latest technologies and treatments in the industry.

Future Scope:

A variety of businesses such as cosmetic companies, salons, television production houses, beauty training academics and airlines employ cosmetologists. One can choose to be a hair expert or a skin therapist among other things. You can get into management and be a salon owner or manager. Educational opportunities too are available and you can teach cosmetology. One can even get into merchandising, manufacturing or be a research assistant for cosmetic companies. Additionally one can also work in a spa.

Thus, with the increase in health and beauty consciousness along with the rise in incomes and focus on fitness, personal grooming has emerged as a profitable business and employment opportunities abound for well trained cosmetologists.

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