Enterprise Learning and Talent Management

This is an exciting time of change in enterprise learning and talent management as there is an increased focus on integrated performance and learning strategies. Today, the executives are far more focused on their growth and progress. They actively seek growth opportunities outside the company’s training and development programs. In organizations today, leadership development and talent management with a view to succession planning is gaining momentum and management education plays a key role here.

A weekend masters program, such as offered by ITM Executive Education Center (ITM – EEC) has the advantage of honing a student while he /she is working so that there is a transfer of skill sets to the job.

The ITM EEC Masters programs are designed keeping in view the holistic growth of the individual as a better manager and thereby the growth of the organizations as well.

Working executives have experience, know how and self awareness; if this combined with a structured knowledge of business management it can provide great new opportunities for professional and corporate success.

At ITM EEC the focus is very clear and simple they want to give working professionals a competitive advantage over their peers who do not have a masters qualification and they want to do it in the most effective, convenient and academically enriching way possible.

People are widely recognized as being the greatest asset in any company. If we accept this to be the case, then it follows that the effective leadership of those people must be the most important activity of all, and we at ITM – EEC realize this. This is why we provide an in depth knowledge on various fields of specialization. EEC programs offer a variety of elective subjects for specialization. It’s a very well designed program keeping in mind the requirements of a working professional.

So what students experience in the ITM EEC program? There is greater emphasis on application of concepts. Presentations and assignments as well as field research in some subjects give students a better understanding. Unlike distance learning programs ITM EEC weekend schedule delivers actual classroom interaction and learning happens with the professor and the fellow students.

In addition ITM EEC also offers two specialized Masters programs, focused on Financial Markets and healthcare management. Students have the option of choosing from 12 centers in Mumbai, and centers in Bangalore, Chennai as well. Working executive from most of the leading companies like India make up the student body covering major industries such as IT, media, communications, finance and manufacturing.

ITM EEC provides all its students a Laptop as well as latest books and study material from the field by renowned authors. This ensures that classroom learning is complemented by excellent reading and reference materials.

Personal attention is ensured as the class strength is small and faculty believes in an eclectic approach of participative learning. ITM EEC adds value to the students learning experience through regular guest lectures, sending regular articles to students to enhance their best practices. The fact that most of the faculty is from the industry and have a vast hands on experience of the subjects they teach is a boon for students as they are able to relate the same in their day to day work.

ITM EEC strongly believes in grooming middle and senior level managers such that they are provided with a combination of knowledge and skills that will enable them to take up new challenges and perform at the next level with ease. There is an emphasis on helping you become a better manager through modules on soft skills, negotiation skills, leadership development and spiritual quotient which are essential to make and move up the corporate ladder. They improve the skill sets of middle and senior level executive and help the industry to grow. Masters qualification from ITM EEC hold good in any Indian or Multinational companies as the participants of this program have a better appreciation of the organization’s working as a hole as well as cutting edge knowledge of their own specialization.

The pedagogy is learner friendly as there is a practical application of concepts taught which leads to an understanding at grassroots level. The flexible payment options and loan facilities make it easier for working executives to complete their course.

ITM EEC also gives its students a competitive global advantage through their academic association with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) . SNHU is a leading university in the United States Students can complete their degree for SNHU its modules are transferable.

Executive education is the need of the hour and we have the ability to shape the leaders of corporate India. To do this we plan to take ITM EEC to the next level by making learning more accessible and effective and for this we have plans to incorporate technology in a big way by introducing many online learning options, introduction of tablet computing and eBooks where the learning content is available to students on the go, thus making each of them tech savvy and a few steps ahead of their peers.