Allowing Employees to Follow their Heart

Most companies these days are beginning to realize that allowing their employees to follow their heart is just another way of ensuring their longevity in the company.

Although the recently held Common wealth games didn’t seem to entertain us completely it has certainly left its mark on a few (read: working professionals). One of the examples is Intelenet Global Services. The BPO company has taken employee engagement to the next level by encouraging one of its employees to participate in the Common Wealth Games. Intelenet helped an employee. Alisdair Strange participated in the ongoing Common wealth games. Alasdair hails from Fort William, Scotland. He has been competing in athletics since the age of 11. When he was a junior he sued to Triple Jump and Pole vault. He won his first Scottish Championship in 2001 in Triple Jump. He majored in Triple Jump until 2007 when an ankle injury compelled him to switch to Pole vault. Alasdair has studied aeronautical engineering at Loughborough University where he also trains with the British Pole vault Squad. Realizing his potential gave him the opportunity and encouraged him to participate at the 2010 Common wealth Games in Delhi where he had a fulfilling experience.

Thanks to most organizations these days, executives do not feel left behind when it comes to providing them with a platform to help them get the desired visibility for their talent. We realize that allowing truly deserving employees to follow their heart is another way to ensure their longevity in the company. There is a connection between an employee’s commitment to an initiative and an organization’s commitment towards supporting it. When employees feel good about their jobs, their productivity automatically soars.

People are knit differently. As the adage goes different strokes for different folks. Convergys has made phenomenal strides in this direction. The organization has various employee interest groups including sports, music, performing arts, dance, and adventure, community service, education etc. Our employees play at state level sporting events and we also sponsor the players for bigger events. For these creative artists, we hold painting, designing, photography and creative writing events so that each individual gets an opportunity to express creativity and be appreciated for it. There’s always the occasional comment that is heard – I didn’t know you could do that!

A fun filled and light hearted culture is intrinsic to Sapient and singing events have always been popular with the company. However usually only the talented people take the stage. We recently organized a Karaoke evening which offered a unique opportunity for relationships. We conduct lot of similar events – ranging from photography contests to gaming contests, to sports events that help bring people together in the right spirit. On asking how much an initiative helps executives in getting a desired visibility for their talent Such events bring out the passion of people who are visibly shy and recognize them for skills that companies are not known to acknowledge . It is not only an innovative way of engaging people, but also a way of bringing to fore hidden talents of people and connecting with them at a personal level.

When dealing with employees companies are now changing their strategy and bringing the game closer to the heart. They are letting the employees do what they want to. While this doesn’t look like a sound business strategy it’s becoming amply clear that employees who follow their heart while at work are turning out to be more motivated and hence more productive at the workplace. This, then has a domino effect on other employees who feel free to do what their heart desires. Business leaders need to ensure that the tasking is done in such a way that employees really feel excited, encouraged and motivated to do that work. Involving employees, seeking their opinion on business matters and demonstrating that their opinion matters is the key to retaining employees.