Hiring Suitable Talent

Many a times organizations end up losing lot of valuable time, effort and money in hiring candidates who end up being the wrong choice So what is the single key attracting the best hires?

Though all organizations have the best of intentions when they go out to hire talent many a times they end up losing a lot of valuable time, effort, and money in employees who end up being the wrong choice. They either choose to quit or are not what they had projected during their selection process.

So, how does a company end up making the mistake of hiring the wrong kind of candidates for certain positions? A company goes wrong when they do not recognize the need of the candidate. It is important to ensure that what is on offer as a job opportunity is matching the need of the perspective employee. In addition the company has to look at a long term relationship with the candidate else it is bound to go wrong. Often, managers are under the pressure of delivery and end up hiring candidates who meet the immediate needs.

It is not the easiest thing in the world to find the right person for the right job. But some of the most common mistakes made while taking hiring decisions are when managers hire based on their emotions about a particular candidate. It is important that a candidate is hired for the right reasons skills, experience, competencies and his /her fit with both the job as well as the organization. Hiring managers sometimes fail to differentiate between a good candidate and a good talker.

Companies can go wrong in hiring the candidates for a particular position when there is ambiguity in defining the goals in terms of skills, experience, character and competency. Lastly if the interviewers are not skilled, they need to do superficial checks on aspects like language command, personality etc on the candidate.

What other steps can a company take to attract the right kind of talent? The most important factor for hiring the best is clear description of role including the key result areas for the future and critically benchmarking candidates to this job description. Assessing passion in the candidate for the profession he/she is being evaluated for is vital.

At the national summit on Campus branding, nurturing talent and beyond organized by MHTR Global along with online media partner.

The campus graduate has morphed from the patient public sector professional to the less patient, private sector FMCG guy to even less patient IT guy, aggressively impatient ITeS guy. Talking about the way forward he said that attitude, skills and knowledge are the three important silos for an MBA student. And only basic skills are developed in basic degree courses and the rest can be developed further while at work. So MBA institutes must not act as skill development factories instead; they must serve as venues for attitude development.

Difference between a job and a career: One must study and prepare for a career by investigating the world of work in greater depth. Learning the job market tends to getting assistance from a career counselor and talking to people who have been there and done that.

The changing market condition: Higher education in the country has to be of global standards. According to Head COE HRO, Infosys BPO in order to bridge the industry academic gap, we need to think of a disruptive model and corporates media and the society must become change agents.

Academic excellence v/s talent saw interesting discussions both from panelists and the audience. One needs to understand of both talent and academic excellence. The importance of talent or academic excellence varies and it depends on what you are planning to do in life and also on the profession you choose. Academic scores, degree and educational institute are important for the purpose of recruitment. The event (in a conference) saw participation of HR professionals and academic representatives from across the country, who deliberated on the need for better association between the industry and academia so as to align industry expectations with academic skill sets.