Sharing Information with the Boss? Right Timing is Necessary!

Any misunderstanding with your boss can jeopardize your growth prospects at work. No matter where you work or at what level you work, sharing a good rapport with your immediate boss is absolutely vital.

Several important aspects of your work life such as pay, incentives quality and quantity of work performance appraisals promotions transfers are all in the hands of your boss. In short, he is the wirepuller of your career. So, to enjoy a fulfilling career, maintaining a good relation with your boss is not optional but utterly essential.

The key to success however, lies in turning the relation into a mutually beneficial one. After all your boss too depends on people below for crucial information, creative ideas and flawless execution of tasks. Try therefore to become his / her trusted aide, a man Friday of sorts. But before you proceed here is an important point that you must never forget – whether you want to help your boss or want your boss to help you. Time your conversations well to get the best results. Want more insights to hone your sense of timings?

It goes without saying that you must lose no chance to showcase your expertise and creative talents before your boss. If you provide vital information to your boss at the right time and enable him to take the best decisions you gain his trust. You also become a valuable employee in his eyes and this is the best chance you can ever expect to propel your career in the right direction. However the catch lies in making smart choices about what to tell and when to tell. Content and timings are equally important while you share information with your boss.

Sometimes it is really difficult to determine if the information on hand is important to your boss or to find out if the timing is appropriate to share a particular information. The best way to find this out would be to seek clarification from your boss about his priorities and what sort of information he wants you to provide him and when. But in a dynamic business environment priorities keep changing. So you must constantly update yourself about any changes in his information needs to make the right moves.

Your boss will not be interested in every piece of data that you collect on your job. Understanding his priorities will help you to filter the data appropriately. Also your experience and common sense should help you to distinguish between urgent and not so urgent information. Remember to always keep your inputs in line with the current tidings in your organization as well as the overall business climate.

If your information can help your boss grab an opportunity that is available only for a short period of time or word of a threat that can result in a business loss, go ahead at once. The sooner you share the data the better for your boss and your organization.

Sometimes, an idea or information may have great merit on its own but if it doesn’t address the current priorities of your organization you should save it for some other time. However, before presenting your ideas, proposals or data reports to your boss make sure you thoroughly analyze them from all angles. A comprehensive report backed by a feasible action plan is far more likely to gain acceptance and appreciation than a vague piece of information.

While good rapport with your boss helps you to progress in your career, right timings of inputs or requests alone can lay the foundation for building such a rapport.

Whenever you want favor from your boss, wait for the right time to approach him / her. Your boss is more likely to accede when he /she is in a relaxed and cheerful mood. If a pay hike or promotion is what you are aspiring for then take into account your company’s current status as well before approaching your boss. There is no point meeting your boss in this regard, if the company itself is going through a lean patch. But certain other issues demand immediate attention of your boss. For instance you are overburdened with work. Don’t wait till you feel completely burnt out to ask help. Similarly when you commit a mistake approach your boss before it is too late.

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